Hybrid Vigor: A True Reveal of Love

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Published by: Transcendent Publishing
Release Date: October 22, 2019
Pages: 260
ISBN13: 978-0960050185


“Our toxic world needs a kick in the butt!”

A common rooster says this … with his barnyard squawking!

An allegorical look at various forms of Love. Amusing in tone, about a sensitive, life-affirming subject.

A cast of animals becomes our enlightened wisdom teachers in teZa Lord’s second illustrated nonfiction narrative. Roostie’s persistent wake-up rally (his role as symbolic messenger) is gladly welcomed. He’s the heralder of change, transforming himself to something much greater in this insightful, entertaining collection of true events. In the same manner, all of us can transform ourselves just as Roostie does.

Each chapter uses a different animal-guide, domestic and wild—mammals, birds, reptiles, even insects. Profound lessons are demonstrated just by the way each critter exists.

Why can’t we be more playful like dolphins?

What’s wrong with being more drawn to the Light of expanded awareness, the way a moth is attracted to a flame, no matter the cost?

Why can’t we be more in tune with “what IS” like the way an unknown dog suddenly appears “to save” Lord’s life, and then … just as unexplainably … disappears.

These animals teach us to transform ourselves first … then … the world is transformed one person at a time. This book is for anyone who cares about their own upliftment as well as contributing to the bright future of all humankind and planet Earth itself.

Join the Army of Love!

Also available as an audiobook. Narrated by teZa herself! 

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