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Published by: Inner Workings Inc
Release Date: September 2, 2016
Pages: 84
ISBN13: 978-0692686683


teZa Lord—the artist/author/spiritual activist behind this stunning 83-page full-color art book—shows us in vivid technicolor, action and characters, images of enticing honesty. Reminiscent of William Blake and Kahlil Gibran, minimal text helps unravel each visual-puzzle.

In a short forward, Lord connect our Oneness with the Higgs Bosun particle, melding Science and fantasy together in our collective ancestral memory … The web of life reawakens for both the aesthete and the fact-seeker.

Celebrate humankind’s unity with Nature and each other. Be inspired by the continuum of our unseen yet viscerally connected Oneness.

A coffee table extravaganza that will WOW your friends. Join the celebration!

Smile and Light up your world.

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