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This PRIVATE group offers conversation plus an exclusive weekly LIVE video from teZa

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Interested in developing a home yoga practice. Or just stretching more? Upon many requests, I will be offering an easy-to-follow 7-part video-series of how “to do” my own kind of “Ageless Yoga.” At this time, this special offering is FREE. As an experienced and certified yoga teacher, Ageless Yoga is what I call the style I’ve done for over five decades. An amalgam of many different disciplines of yoga, each 1-hour session will be narrated by me as I demonstrate from my personal home space. Each session builds upon the knowledge we’ve explored in the previous one(s). Yet Lesson 1 is as fully and completely a body-mind-spirit experience as Lesson 7. You may decide to do the first session for the rest of your life because each lesson’s approach is a totality, not dependent on level of skill or attained knowledge.

All 7 sessions are centered on the uplifting energy of each consecutive chakra (an energy center of consciousness). Everything you need to know about a yoga practice is given right away; the 1st chakra is called “the root if consciousness”–it’s about survival. Doing yoga spontaneously awakens internal centers of ever-uplfting awareness, through spinal movement of our body-temple. To learn more of my offerings, including the date these classes will be available here on my mothership,, please sign up for my occasionally-sent newsletter.

CLICK here to SEE and HEAR teZa talk about the Many Scrumptious Flavors of LOVE. Presented LIVE at a PechaKucha (called “mini TED talks”) event in St. Augustine, Florida in December, 2018.

… and … click on image below to READ an article about teZa’s second book: “In the I: Easing Through Life Storms” published in 2017.

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Here’s a nice conversation teZa had with Awake 2 Oneness podcast, click world image to hear.

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click link here for my SoundCloud MindStillers — short audial clips that instantly still the mind. Designed for busy people on the go. Listen in your car, at your desk, as you rush to your next appointment! Once you listen to one, other MindStillers will play automatically until you break the link. ENJOY! and … be present … breathe … it’s that simple.