The Making of “We Are ONE”

“We Are ONE” is now available as a complete bound full-color hard-cover coffee-table book.

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Below is a short synopsis of how the book came together. I created this work of art for you, my friend, in hopes of making this world a little more pleasurable, and a bit more beautiful experience for us all.

The images are painted reproductions of my original paintings, so…that’s three generations of artwork. Below is one of the mockups I worked with to arrive at the final cover design

Toward the One

the perfection of Love, Harmony and Beauty —

the only Being.

United with all

the illuminated souls

who, together form the embodiment of the Master,

the Spirit of Guidance.

a Sufi invocation

If you’d like to see what the book looks like today, click here

Arriving at the final process meant a lot of editing. This image didn’t make it, but I hope you jump in and feel connected to ALL right NOW!

Goin’ with the flow

in a land inhabited

by a potpourri

of many cultures.

We are One,

here and there.


Hovering petals of things remembered connect to rainbow threads of life energy.

We alone determine if the knot–the mystery–remains tight, or loosens.


What other forms can we discover whereby we might soar to our heart’s delight?

O myth, you are indeed wondrous.


What other forms can we discover whereby we might soar to our heart’s delight?

O myth, you are indeed wondrous.


Is it your God,

your Higher Self,

the Archangel of All?

Look closer.

See your own smiling face reflected back.


Warriors lined up awaiting the challenge.

The hunt! The hunt!

Yesterday, for the beast quick of foot.

Today, other beasts of modern invention.

The same game.


What wondrous adventures beckon this yet unformed beauty from the safety of her shell? Seeing others like herself, swimming, laughing in the sea of light, She gathers courage and is born, ready for a life unknown.


Moving. Carrying. Joining.

Source of speed, smog and seeking avenues of never-known befores.

People made. People used. Stone, rubber, metal too.

Circular within, without, land, sea, air.

Our world is driven by wheels

of fotune, of travel,

of life.


Choices. Changes. Choose

You can make your life a prayer.


Boundaries gone.

Differences dissolved.

This is the call of the future.

Join the dance.