In the ‘I’: Easing through Life-Storms

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Published by: Transcendent Publishing
Release Date: December 1, 2017
Pages: 278
ISBN13: 978-0999312551


“A perfect anxiety-read,” a recent reader exclaims.

Even the most agonizing character in this nonfiction narrative manages to discover their innate, yet forgotten, instinctual ability to stay calm.

As Hurricane Charley churns closer and closer to the razor-loop surrounded, heavily-guarded, isolated facility in central Florida, each of the “yoga girls” that author teZa Lord teaches, goes deeper within her own being … and finds … utter peace residing within the center of an otherwise fear-filled life. Right there in jail.

The universal analogy is clear. All of us can experience the same peace at the core of our personal life-storms. Just as there is a “calm eye” within every dangerous hurricane’s ferociously spiraling madness. Sharing illustrated techniques and methods, Lord’s weekly class reveals how anyone reading this novel-like book can tap their own life’s core of calm strength.

Experience emotional freedom, even in the middle of life’s relentless, unacceptable terrors.

Tap your inner power.


"It's all about love, isn't it, this journey of ours? How to get love, how to live love, how to spread love. teZa Lord is one of those untiring foot soldiers of love without whom this life we live would be unbearable. This is the story of how some badass juvie girls, thanks to teZa, thanks to yoga, thanks to a badass hurricane, found refuge from the storm of life into the shelter of love."
Yann Martel, author of multiple award-winning, Life of Pi

"The actual storm that Lord describes with In the I is a metaphor for the human condition; her work with hard-core juvenile delinquent girls, an inspiration to those who wish to make a difference in today's world. This book is a must-read for anyone on a spiritual path."
Reverend Alma Daniel, author of the classic, Ask Your Angels

"teZa Lord is an angel of the heart, a sky dancer and dakini who has devoted her life to love, aesthetic beauty, and the art of transformation. In everything she does, every word she writes, every canvas she adorns, she points the way to light and a higher realm of being."
Wade Davis, author of multi-bestsellers, TED speaker, National Geographic Explorer, anthropologist, ecologist, recipient of the 2017 Award for Social Awareness from the University of British Columbia

"teZa Lord is a clear and conscious voice well worth your time and attention. Not only is she a fabulous writer/artist, but she is a true force for awakening."
Paul Samuel Dolman, author of bestseller Hitchhiking with Larry David; host: What Matters Most podcast

"A well told, deeply moving story of hope and redemption that will inspire you in your awakening. In the I is a gem that you will want to read slowly and savor every passage!"
Dr. Steven Farmer, author of bestsellers Sacred Ceremony and Healing Ancestral Karma

"Two Thumbs UP! I loved this book! Shows how we can all find peace, even in a noisy jail, even in the middle of a hurricane. An exciting book with an important message."
Alan Garner, author of multiple bestsellers

"Wow! I really love this book! As a skeptical atheist with a cynical side, Lord's message of positivity and unconditional love inspires and soothes the soul. Thank you, teZa, for sharing your experience and message."
Patty Wagstaff, Aerobatic Champion, Airshow Pilot, Author, Entrepreneur, Flight-Upset Instructor

"teZa Lord narrates In the I, her story of bringing yoga to Florida's incarcerated teenage girls in present tense, reminding us all to stay present and open to inner wisdom."
Wah!, kirtan artist, yoga adept, and author of Healing, A Vibrational Exchange

"There's magic in the way teZa Lord creates tension and fascination in the context of locked-up teen girls, meditation, yoga, and an imminent hurricane."
Rita Golden Gelman, author of Tales of a Female Nomad: Living at Large in the World

"Throughout In the I teZa Lord paints broad strokes, literally and metaphorically, not only telling it like it was, but opening doors for us to ponder ways that we know this story in our own lives."
Caren Goldman, author, Healing Words for the Body, Mind and Spirit and Restoring Life's Missing Pieces

"An amazing achievement in this day of fast-food mentality that includes published books. The choice of using Hurricane Charley as a demonstration of life's turmoil as well as a weather condition was a stroke of genius. I felt as if I experienced what the girls in lock-up were experiencing, so clearly defined was each character, each situation. Emotions are so sharply focused, so beautifully expressed that I was sent with those young girls on a excursion deep into my own soul."
Esther Luttrell, author and screenwriter of many award-winning films and books

"In the 'I'--Easing Through Life's Storms is set against the backdrop of a real hurricane that is approaching a Florida lockup for juvenile repeat offenders. The author is hunkered down in her nearby home, unable to physically reach the prison in which her inmate/yoga students are barricaded. Based on her own life experiences teZa Lord has written a warm and compassionate story that is chock full of yogic wisdom, besides giving the reader a realistic glimpse of what goes on behind bars. By offering love and non-judgmental acceptance, and by teaching meditation and mindfulness, the author helped her students to change their thinking, and their lives. How many of us can say we have done as much? Read and learn. Namaste."
Judith Stevens, Founder, Association for Research & Enlightenment Prison Program and Iyengar Yoga Instructor

"Author Lord has written a most wonderful, heartfelt account of redemption through love and yoga, under the shadow of Hurricane Charley with In the I. Her experience helps restore one's faith in humanity. Bravo, teZa!"
Jonathan Meader, artist and author of Ancient Egyptian Symbols and In Praise of Women

"teZa Lord's new book is a transformative piece that works on so many levels you are bound to find a comfortable way in, and once ensconced there, a satisfying journey of spirituality. In the 'I' is the present moment we all should strive for, and In the I is just the book to take us there."
John Miglis, novelist and screenwriter

"From beginning to end this book brought me into a girl's prison, and into the experience of yoga and meditation and the teachings that go with those practices. I read how these weekly classes affected these "bad" girls; how their lives changed. They were being taught what no one had the nerve, or understanding to teach them. They were taught by a woman who'd been in jail in a 'third world rat-hole' and gotten clean and sober and into her practice of yoga. But also, this book guides us, the audience, through the reality of dealing with a hurricane in Florida; the entire book is like a film of what those in Florida actually go through, blow by blow, when the news of a hurricane is upon them. And in this book, we watch these girls' lives as they grow -- through their yoga practice, and preparing for hurricane Charley. The details are absolutely stunningly accurate. This incredible woman who teaches at a 'special dual-program institution' for disadvantaged, at-risk girls, shares with us teachings so simple and profound that we watch as these incarcerated young women turn into their own best friends.
The author speaks to these girls in a language they relate to because she's been there and she opens their souls to the awareness that as one young girl says, '... felt like I was in the eye of God.' Who does that today? For those incarcerated? Who puts out a hand for those lost behind those walls? This woman did and her story is incredible and moved me to tears by the end of the book."
Olga Kruse, writer, actor, and director of the theater

"In the I offers a compelling perspective of the profound physical, mental, and spiritual effects of yoga in the most trying conditions. What an excellent resource to yoga teachers, educators, counselors, and all of us wishing to make a difference."
Rita Knorr, senior Anusara yoga teacher

"In a world besieged by natural and manmade catastrophes, Lord's message is timely and powerful. In the I is a book that provides encouragement, peace, and a vision of good things in the lives of individuals, institutions, and the world, regardless of circumstances."
Nancy Quatrano, author and publishing consultant

"This book contains a most powerful message. By doing these practices we will become One with each other and with the Universe that surrounds all of us. In the I is a must-read for everyone."
Eve Stoklosa, award-winning educator and consultant

"In the I puts us in the center of a hurricane as we observe first-hand how the lives of these juvie girls are transformed both physically and spiritually. teZa Lord does an excellent job of capturing this real-life tempest, with exciting plot twists and quirky characters that spring off the page."
J.G. Sandom, multi-times author and internet literary entrepreneur

"This remarkable book is for any person who would welcome an inner quiet in what can be a noisy, anxiety-inducing world, work place, community or domicile -- for even a yoga skeptic like myself!"
Robert D. Storey, corporate attorney and former Marine

"I loved In the I and couldn't stop reading it! It clearly demonstrates that our experiences, one by one, show us the way to freedom and how to shift our reaction to circumstances, no matter what, even when the storms of life hit. Thank you, teZa Lord!"
Dr. Jami Martin, Life Changes and Transitions Facilitator

"teZa Lord is the most intrepid spiritual seeker I have ever read about! As she expresses this passion of hers she creates inspirational work, which is far ahead of its time. People from all walks of life will be inspired by Lord's In the I because they will learn to bridge the gap between the here-and-now awareness with the eternal possibilities. If you choose to join her on this path, the process unveils the hidden treasures deep within you. This book grabbed me with her first sentence. It made me smile ... and chuckle. This journey will surprise and delight you."
Eva Growney, Eco-Architect and internet entrepreneur

"As I read In the I, I found myself connecting so deeply with the author's passion ... it felt like a ball of light beaming out of my chest from my soul as I read her beautiful words. My heart burst with joy at how contagious love is. As a teacher myself, I am also so incredibly blessed that I get to bring yoga, breathing, and meditation to people. teZa has put into words what is in my heart ... So Much Love!"
Eva Marie Lowry, yoga teacher and retreat leader

"A remarkable account of breaking through teen resistance and sharing priceless tools to navigate life's storms. A must-read for youth mentors and yoga teachers."
Acharya Vilasani Bala, LMHC, LCPC

Also available as an audiobook. Narrated by teZa herself!

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