Spirit Activist

A Spirit Activist is a person who dedicates their life’s energies to uplifting the collective consciousness of all humankind, one person at a time. Since childhood I’ve had this calling. But it took a lifetime for me to be brave enough, honest enough to call myself that somewhat audacious title.

Activism begins with a thought.  Whatever we direct our thoughts toward, that’s the kind of activism we’re engaged in. I am interested in exploring the “Magic of Life” … the spiritual side of human nature that each one of us possesses.

As an artist who also writes, I focus my creative pursuits on documenting my own and humankind’s spiritual transformation.  I attempt to awaken and sow positive thought-seeds and spread them out into the world.  I attempt to awaken my own and others’ higher consciousness through creating inspiring books, paintings, sculpture, intentions, meditations; and now, through the magic of the internet, social media posts on Instagram, Twitter, Facebook; guided audial MindStillers on SoundCloud; short chants and meditative videos on Youtube; a decade-long blog called LORDFLEA; and a podcast called ZLORD, by which my consort Carter Lord and I have been documenting our outer (car-and-tent camping in the West for 6 months) and inner adventures since June 2019. In each method used to express Spirit, with every action, word and thought, I attempt to approach the Divine. This level of commitment took decades to achieve. It was not an easy, or quick transformation, but it feels like my happy place now. Spreading Joy. Helping others see the ordinary as the Sacred. As the Dalai Lama says, “Love is my religion.”

Mind is the builder. My vision as a spirit activist is to help build a better, healthier world in which people feel more connected, more fulfilled by being more aware that we truly are pure Love in human form.

My motto is: Love is the weapon of mass Illumination.

Member of the Association for Spiritual Integrity