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Ever since I can remember, I could fly in my dreams. After pursuing whatever adventures beckoned – studying political science then art; executing formal illustrations of Amazonian divination plants for Harvard botanists; creating and exhibiting art with precious and non-precious materials; sailing the Caribbean while shipping tropical fruits and veggies inter-island; owning a restaurant; cabinetmaking; garden designing; the list goes on ad infinitum – I have found my true calling. Having documented my own journey through art-making, today I am dedicated to helping others uplift themselves.

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Ours is a constantly evolving, expanding experience. This book documents the current, unstoppable uprising of human consciousness. Using different animals' traits to reflect one person's journey to the light of higher consciousness, author Teza Lord looks to our brothers and sisters of the animal world - as well as the not-so-easily recognized "unseens" of the non-material dimensions - as guides, inspiration, and magical totems in relating her story.

Narrated by teZa herself!

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Being Aware of Awareness … Let's Sloow Down
Being Aware of Awareness … Let's Sloow Down

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“teZa Lord is an angel of the heart….In everything she does, every word she writes, every canvas she adorns, she points the way to light a higher realm of being.”

WADE DAVIS, author, TED Speaker, National Geographic Explorer, anthropologist, and ecologist

“teZa Lord is one of those untiring foot soldiers of love without whom this life we live would be unbearable.”

YANN MARTEL, author, Life of Pi

In the I is a well told, deeply moving story of hope and redemption that will inspire you in your awakening…read slowly and savor every passage!”

DR. STEVEN FARMER, author, Earth Magic and Healing Ancestral Karma

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A Nervy Time for All of Us, Indeed!

Big Strong Angel, mixed media, 17x22x5 inches

We’re all feeling the crunch of being challenged, aren’t we? If it’s not the pandemic’s anti-versus-got’em vaxers, the political unrest, economic hardship, it’s the most current and war-scary headlines of the Ukraine’s invasion by Russia in our newsfeeds. Or it’s … well, you name it. Being human means dealing with stress. Some of us need help more than ever now. I know many people who are going through confusing, disturbing, unsettling times. I bet you know some too, and maybe you yourself are one. So,…