Disseminating meditative videos, posts and inspiring visual aids in social media realms, using hashtags such as: #stayWoke #higherConsciousness #IamCivitas. Being a metaphorical Civitas, not entertaining or pitching, but uplifting others through books, public speaking, and offering creative expressions of various sorts. Balancing the weight of society’s tendency toward negativity is my artist/author/spiritual activist role today.

My childhood dream was to fly above life’s dangers. By indiscriminately sowing positive thought seeds, I am now truly flying. Not with a winged body, but by Being comfortably aligned with Spirit. I call myself a lieutenant in the Army of Love (See Hybrid Vigor, my nonfiction book).

My motto is: Love is the weapon of mass illumination.

1965-68 School of the Museum of Fine Arts, Boston

1968-70 Jewelry maker; teaching and exhibiting handmade bodywear in galleries

1968-78 Botanical illustrations for Harvard University. Click here for more information & images

1969-73 Learned to sail in Nantucket, bought sailboat in Gloucester, MA; sailed the Exumas in Bahamian islands; voyaged from Costa Rica through Panama Canal.

1974 Props-and-Special-Effects maker for Steven Spielberg’s Jaws in Martha’s Vineyard, one of two women on set crew of 30.

1970-80 Lived in and sailed the West Indies. Artwork everywhere: jewelry, portraits, murals, dioramas of indigenous settlers for Grenada National Museum. Operated an inter-island tropical-food shipping business headquartered in Dominica: Better Roots and Fruits company. Owned a native-style restaurant in St. Thomas, US Virgin Islands.

1980-81 Lived in Israel as studio artist

1982-86 Lived in New York City: cabinetmaker; exhibiting paintings, sculptures

1986-90 Lived in East Hampton, NY: garden designer; studio artist; assistant to Elaine de Kooning

1990 Posed for Civitas

At the age of forty-three, I was asked to pose for a public work depicting an iconic nurturing female. The feminine force of humanity has often been described as the creative, spiritual aspect found within each and every individual, male or female.  For this reason, I accepted the challenge with no compensation other than immense gratitude and humility. The sculptor Audrey Flack described the project to me as her collaboration with an architect who specializes in sacred geometry. The joint project was envisioned as a huge outdoor temple honoring the Divine Feminine, the sacred in everyday life, right at the crossroad of a busy industrial park.

The symbolic name chosen for the subject of this monumental art piece was Civitas. In ancient Rome, civitas was the Latin word meaning the law, which binds together all citizens, giving each person responsibilities as well as bestowing rights of cooperative citizenship upon them.

A small clay maquette was enlarged, cast in a foundry, and made into four replicas of patina’d bronze. The four iterations, representing different aspects our future world needs to focus on, were then mounted on separate polished granite spheres. When the finished twenty-foot statues were installed on their head-high pedestals in April 1991—one at each of the four corners of a heavily trafficked thoroughfare in an industrialized area of Rock Hill, SC—the Four Visions of Civitas was complete.

All share the same name. Each “Civitas” is a “guide” to inspire humanity’s unlimited potential, ensuring the New Earth’s positive evolution. Flack’s Civitas offers support in these specific areas:

  • the Creative Spirit (represented by STARS Civitas holds aloft)
  • the use of Efficient Energy (symbolized by BOLTS of power held aloft)
  • the availability of Excellent Education (a FLAME held aloft)
  • a balanced Respect for Industry and Spirit (mechanical GEARS she holds)

Click here for more info about Civitas

1991 Moved to Florida to marry filmmaker Carter Lord; became Angel Mom to his two youngsters. (See Zen Love, nonfiction narrative)

1991-2000 Numerous exhibitions in North America of paintings and sculptures (art resume upon request). After a severe hand injury, began writing in earnest. An artbook and three nonfiction narratives are published later from this period’s work.

2000 Lithium Springs, the movie

Written and Directed by Carter Lord, an 81-minute feature released in 2000. In this light-hearted comedic Eco-Fable, magical creatures are brought to life, interacting with humans to help the environment against encroaching industry. Shot digitally in Florida’s swamps and rivers, I had two roles in the film: Art Director (location, costumes, props, makeup), and actor. As the mystical Woods Nymph, a flame-haired, Maori-tattooed, forest-dwelling ageless character, I play a Mother Nature-like guardian, asking the main character to “help save your woods.”

Click here for the Lithium Springs website

2004-06 Taught yoga and meditation at two juvenile prisons (See In the ‘I’, nonfiction narrative)

2007-present: blogger (see Lord Flea for years-long ruminations)

2001-2019 Since 9/11, led chanting (singing and playing harmonium) and meditation gatherings to offer community celebration through rituals of sound and shared inner peace.

2019-present: Podcaster (listen to ZLORD here)