The Bridge Tender

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A Rebel's Revelation Catalyzes the Collective Unconscious

Artist Thea Bowman makes a lot of bad choices, attracted to the shadowy side of life. With her seafaring pal, Big Sue, the pair is unstoppable. From San Francisco to an isolated Bahamian island, to the nonstop pulse of Manhattan—Thea’s addictions spiral out of control. Only after crash-and-burning does she become willing to embrace her true nature: being a bridge, a conduit of Light of which she’d been foretold.

The Bridge Tender is a searing look at how an ordinary person, lost in the maze of pleasure-seeking to relieve life’s struggles, takes an extraordinary turn. With a steady stream of magical happenings, she comes to know that being human means communing with the Unseen dimension until it becomes as normal as breathing.

As she chooses a healthier course, her Heart Art gains fame. Then—world events tear apart the fragile web of humanity. Thea’s mission now shines crystal clear. How Thea does this will shock the world. Lord paints a diorama of one person’s raising of their consciousness, in a manner so enthralling that the reader will experience a taste of enlightenment by proxy.

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