Zen Love

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Published by: Transcendent Publishing
Release Date: November 18, 2019
Pages: 382
ISBN13: 978-1733277365


Plundering the West Indies for a decade …

… she finally finds her love match …

… who has young kids to raise, which means …

… are you ready for this? …

… her agreeing to settle down in a suburban town in America’s Bible Belt! Where she is a fish out of water. But instead of gasping for air on the dock, she focuses on raising a family as her life’s next thrilling challenge. The She-Pirate shape-shifts and becomes Angel Mom.

Novel-like, this true saga recounts a woman’s search for life’s ultimate heights. The other books in teZa Lord’s Transcendent Trilogy are also illustrated nonfiction narratives, like this one.

A three-generational portrayal, every character has a different perspective of what family means. To Angel Mom, she “needs to be nurtured as much as the kids do.” Her partner says their union is a “way to get closer to God.” This spiritual adventure takes us ever deeper, widening the collective heart of our humanity. Lord allows us to see the Sacred in everyday Ups and Downs of ordinary life.

Modern life, like this family’s journey, is about embracing, no longer conquering, outsiders.

This blended family mirrors the many challenges of balancing global interdependence in our world today. Every personal challenge widens universal perspectives. After looking everywhere else for it, Lord finally senses the belonging she’d lost as a child—within herself.

“I couldn’t put it down,” say numerous Amazon reviews.

Also available as an audiobook. Narrated by teZa herself! 

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