Who Is Lord Flea?

Welcome to my blog, which up to now used to be named Lord Flea Sings, called that after a famed calypso singer who died too soon. My name is teZa Lord and you can find out more about me here. Aside from writing I create art: paintings, drawings, film and videos, sculpture, gardens. With my consort of 30 years, Carter, I am an avid off-the-grid camper & traveler and family person. I am a lifelong yogini and meditator, former botanical illustrator, jeweler, cabinetmaker, Caribbean shipper of fruits and vegetables. Currently I grow an astounding forest of tropical bamboos in the middle of a north Florida suburb, (pre-pandemic) am a local leader of yogic chanting & meditation community group. I am a incontrovertible dance-aholic and funny-bone tease.

painting by teZa: mythmaker, mesmerizer, LordFlea

By calling myself LordFlea I attempt to carry on the tradition that Flea started with his jolly openness, strong physicality, startlingly new (for that time, the fifties) bluntness and outrageous flamboyance. Like the original LordFlea — since 1997 this blog of mine sings uplifting songs of and for the people. No disgruntled words here. No dissing of politics or any others. The things I’m most interested in musing about will appeal to those who understand (or at least suspect) that something about this so-called life we share here on Earth is much more than we will ever completely comprehend. My main interests lie in things we can’t yet prove labs and test tubes.

LordFlea explores the mysteries, the magic … the Oneness that many of us suspect connects us all in this Universe: expanded, unlimited consciousness

“Things are more than they appear to be.”

Love is the weapon of mass illumination — is my motto.

look up … sing the praise of Oneness

Sharing the Mystery is my goal as author/artist/Spirit activist. Doing the collective dance with as many of YOU as I can is my passion. Finding others of my tribe and letting it all out, with shouts of YES YES YES–this is the flavor of LordFlea’s spiritual calypso. Joyous rhythms, random but pertinent topics, light-hearted insights — all for fun, discovery, insights.

Together we sing the praise of being alive.

So I hope you enjoy what I share here, gems of life: my own and others who interest me.

I would love to hear from you. Write me at dearlordflea@gmail.com or dearteza@gmail.com

In the Light of Consciousness, with love,

your pal LordFlea aka teZa Lord