Our Political Division: WE Created It; Only WE can Choose to Fix It!

Choices by teZa Lord

  Many of us in America are discussing the angst and seemingly unfixable political divisiveness amongst us. I have a somewhat different perspective on the disturbing “how we can repair what’s been broken” subject. We Create Our Own Reality It begins with my personal story. For, you see, I am a recovering addict. Mood-changers were…

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The Repairing of America

Age of the Spirit

  Wade Davis’ article published in Rolling Stone magazine on Aug. 8 entitled “The Unraveling of America” strikes me as being an incomplete survey of the current social-political-moral situation in my homeland. Granted, Wade is a Canadian, and self-admittedly “loves America” because he’s married to an American, received his education here, and has a son-in-law…

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