Blindly in Love with Love

Family of Merged Energy

My life quest, I was sure, was to find what meant the most, the deepest, the highest: the best. Limiting that search to a single long-term romantic partner never occurred to me, quite frankly. Believe me, I tried everything, everything! Going too far most times, traveling to the ends of the earth, excessively throwing myself…

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We Are All Tony Hsieh

Surrender by teZa Lord

Surrender by teZa Lord   When I first heard of the tragic passing of billionaire tech-genius Tony Hsieh, I knew something very weird had happened to him. In the back of my mind, I felt the odd recollection of past lives banging on my today-door. I suspected monkey business. Either murder or suicide. But today,…

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Our Political Division: WE Created It; Only WE can Choose to Fix It!

Choices by teZa Lord

  Many of us in America are discussing the angst and seemingly unfixable political divisiveness amongst us. I have a somewhat different perspective on the disturbing “how we can repair what’s been broken” subject. We Create Our Own Reality It begins with my personal story. For, you see, I am a recovering addict. Mood-changers were…

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