How We Can Save Ourselves

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I have come to the realization (long ago, but stronger with each passing moment) that the most important thing in life, anyone’s life … is Love. And by this, I mean, “How do we acknowledge the unifying energy that binds all in creation together, as One.”

An acronym came to me the other day for this definition of Love. It is:

Love: Literally, Our Very Essence.

Can you relate?

Ask yourself, and look deeply inside yourself for the answer. What is the most important thing in life?

The answer always will be, in every single person’s case: Love.

Not love of a donut, or your cat, or even the sunshiny beach. But the Big Capital Love that signifies a Power Greater Than Yourself, or anyone.

The sort of things you only discuss with a very special and close other.

And if you don’t happen to have this special other, you need to ask, and answer this question all by your lonesome.

Because, my friend, it is through Love alone that we humans will be able to save ourselves from ourselves.


Once we realize something, it’s more than a special Aha! moment. We get the chance to make real changes in our life. And once we decide to incorporate one Aha! after the next, seeing each as an opportunity for growth and embracing contentment (even in the midst of horrific happenings all around us), our lives become fuller. More content. More in tune with the ebb and flow that being a part of the natural world automatically ensures each and every one of us animals, no matter where we reside on the evolutionary track.

In my last book HYBRID VIGOR (available as audiobook, paperback, or Kindle) I share my personal experiences with Love through the lessons other animals have bestowed upon me. First, I call to myself a wild pod of dolphins; creatures who, I readily admit, are my brothers and sisters.

Many of us forget we are all animals. It’s shameful how many of us humans have forgotten this simple fact. Or, perhaps more accurately, we might have convinced ourselves we’ve “outgrown” our animalness, and now deserve a new title, because we’re so damn smart. And speak so many words. And build such big things. Some of which are flying off the planet and into space.

Still … we are animals. Albeit, very ingenious, creative ones.

Hybrid Vigor is an explanation of our evolutionary state many of us are currently admitting becoming aware of. We are straddling the line between merely calling ourselves homo sapiens and are, many of us are, ready to raise not only our own thinking—but to help others who are stuck in lower ways of thinking—to the status of calling ourselves spiritualized.

This is a phenomenon already taking place. This is not fiction. This is truthful fact. And whether you call yourselves a Hybrid Vigor or not, as I and millions already do (they may not use the term, “hybrid vigor,” a biological definition for a better, sturdier variety when two varieties within one species unite, but they sure as heck think of themselves as awakened and aware folks. Smart people. Homo sapiens who are on the verge of becoming homo spiritus.

The word “woke” may have been hijacked, but we can still call ourselves “awakened” individuals without any politicos getting their knickers all in a twist because of what word we’re using to define ourselves. Jeez, it’s like some folks get so revved up when they hear the word God. Even spiritual teachers keep away from this word, which has the useful acronym: Good Orderly Direction for those squeamish about childhood associations with the Big Guy in the Sky with the Beard. Words can be fickle, so let me know if you’re following my thinking. I love hearing from y’all y’all (plural for y’all).


So many opinions, right? Even me, look what I’m doing here, now! Just another opinion. That’s why I call myself a Spirit activist, author and artist, because I hope by sharing my opinion I’m helping to uplift the consciousness of my fellow humans, however and wherever I can during this time I have on Earth.

My nonfiction book, “Hybrid Vigor: a true reveal of Love” is about what animals can teach us in our quest to becoming as aware and awakened as we possibly can, to help ease our planet back from the brink of hopelessness through the sheer power of awareness.

There’s not much more we can do than be aware of being aware. If we’re not aware, we’re part of the problem and not part of the solution for all humanity’s current woes.

There’s always hope as long as we’re willing to accept that trauma, and healing from trauma, is part of life’s lessons. All animals have to go through trauma. And now it’s the blended family of humankind’s turn.

Maybe this is one of the major lessons that the Covid pandemic brought us? I certainly think there are many benefits from having spent so much time being forced to do things differently, as we all had to do during these past two and a half years, and guess what? Here it is August 25, 2022 and my consort Carter and I are just getting over our first bout with Covid. Caught at an indoor family wedding to which we drove with our (unbeknownst) infected grown adult child who had just been to Madison Square Garden to see: are you ready for this? Rage Against the Machine, angsty rockers supreme.  Big SIGH.

Have you taken a moment to think about what whatever trauma you’ve been going through came to your life to reveal something to you?


Maybe you will now. I think it would benefit not only you but all of us, if you did take a few moments to reflect upon that. Because … listen UP because this is absolutely true! … every person’s state of mind is a contributing factor to the state of the world’s evolutionary factors. If we all took the action of self-reflection, just for this short moment—right here and now—we’re helping the world become a better, safer, healthier place for us and our children, and all future generations to live.

Never give up hope. There is always hope. It’s part of Being. Embrace the Love that having hope is, and say No to any residual fear within your being.

And please read Hybrid Vigor and leave a review if it rings your bell.

My next book, my first novel, a magic-realism eco-novel is being shopped around right now. I’m giving birth AGAIN!

Love and Light,

Your pal, teZa, aka Lord Flea

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