No Time for Fear, It’s Wasteful

The Dreamer, sculpted painting by teZa

How we spend our time is what we are.

Time after time we prove to ourselves: What we become is what we hold in our consciousness.

If you believe things are going wrong, they will. If you believe that things happen for a reason, even if you don’t like them or ever know what reason, exactly they are happening—life is possible to experience as it comes: one day at a time, one moment at a time.

And each moment is filled with endless possibilities.

Yet if we cling to negative thinking, judgment, fear of any sort (including sadness beyond the necessity of human grief)–we create a lack of understanding in our life.

Fear Creates Contraction: Love Creates Expansion

In my fourth nonfiction narrative, a full-length book HYBRID VIGOR (click here for your copy) I explore how animals’ ways and tendencies act as guiding, spiritual beacons to us bewildered humans here on Earth.

Many of us forget we ourselves are animals. Therefore, we have much to learn from our fellow animals, with whom we share this gorgeous garden planet Earth.

Instead of wringing our hands and claiming “There’s no hope” (when it comes to more and more violence of every sort, climate change, the environmental crisis, global political brouhaha)– we can open our minds, and change our thinking.

By watching what other animals have to teach us.

The animals I focus on in Hybrid Vigor help to change our hard-and-closed minds. When we observe how animals deal with life, we can choose to be more like our cousins: the bear (fearless and protective); the dolphin (playful and energetic); the skunk (stinky when messed with).

When we choose to open our thinking to new possibilities, unknown to us previously, we suddenly shift our personal energy. And the more people who open to change … the energy of our combined consciousness shifts here on Earth.

The energy of each of our thoughts–counts!

Each thought we think, counts.

Fear is a negative charge of energy.

Love, the opposite of fear (arrived at by “accepting What Is) changes our energy, both individual and collectively, universally … to Love.

It’s that simple.

My consort Carter asked me the other day, “It can’t be that simple, can It?”

It IS that Simple, Choosing to Change

I said, “Yes, it is that simple, my love.”

This sureness of mine comes from my own life experiences. I can say without a doubt that when we hold onto fear, our lives, our minds, our experiences are locked in a contracted state.

When we let go of choosing to be in the crippling state of fear (our consciousness is “the state” I’m talking about, and being aware of having a choice is where transformation begins), we automatically hop into the state of Love .

That simple.

We start having experiences of Love, a moment of it at a time.  And more Loving, Caring, consciously-possible things happen to us, once we have surrendered, and decided to change from fear to Love.

Remember: There are only two states of consciousness. All other “feelings” fall under these two categories as sub-categories.

Fear? Or Love? Your Choice!

Fear is harmful and injurious to well being. (Note: it’s natural to have a fear, for instance, of fire or getting shocked by electricity: it helps keep us safe. But too much fear of either will hurt our chances of having fun in ordinary life).

Fear means we’re filled with negative thoughts, resulting in a clamping down of the creative force within all humans. Creativity is a powerful inner human quality which holds the answers to all life’s challenges and woes. Creativity is where we explore the “how to” that gets us out of our problems, bad relationships, and all other toxic choices we or others make.

Animals do not live in fear, unless a domesticated one (or a rare wild one) has experienced being traumatized at the hands of a human. Animals are in a constant state of alertness, yes; open to their instincts, without neurosis. Love is another word, a somewhat inadequate, too common a word I’ll grant you, for being in the state of Open-To-Everything.

Creativity is Our Life-saving Choice

Love, that state of recognizing the unlimited-ness of possibilities, is the opposite of Fear. When we experience the state of Love we “see” and “feel” our true state of being connected to All that is, and enjoy the trust that accompanies this sense of interconnected-ness, with All in existence.

The word love has many meanings. In the case of a human “in love” with another, one person recognizes their own self back in the other person’s beingness. When we feel love for being alive, instead of fear of losing our life (or fearing the healthy atmosphere of our planet and its inhabitants) we are open to new, unimagined possibilities. The “state” of experiencing love, no matter its many contexts, open us to higher levels of creativity.

Creativity means ideas. And new ideas, or creative inventions, are the very elements that are needed to make the next evolutionary leap for humankind to get us out of our traumatized state.

Our Bodies are the Microcosm of the World’s Macrocosm

Our bodies experience toxicity, just as Earth currently does.

Can you relate? When we feel ill from eating too much junk, we stop eating sugar or drinking too much booze or soda. Right?

The same with what’s happening with Earth’s ill-with-junk environment presently. Until now, with the extreme weather conditions, floods, wildfires, health hazards, political fears and pandemic questions having inflicted mental pressures and financial hardships on many people, I truly believe we, the blended family of humankind–are better off for having gone through this trauma.

Our blended human family needed to experience the extreme conditions of our somehow allowing toxic waste to poison Earth’s atmosphere. These bad choices of ours, collectively, have brought us to this point here, of being forced to choosing Love, to reverse the fear that has caused us to foolishly harm our own planet.

It’s time to admit we fucked up!

Aware and Awake!

And reverse our mistakes. Many of us are already doing so, right, my friends!

Already many of us have awakened to the fact some hard changes are needed in human society.

We need to be as aware and awakened as possible; and to share with as many other people from all different walks of life–to never give up hope.

There is time. We must plant trees! We must recycle! We must compost! We must walk or bike instead of drive drive drive. More of us need to radically change our lifestyles if we’re going to reverse Earth’s ills.

Replacing fear with Love, we can do this!

With unrestrained creative thinking, there are always solutions to be had for even the most dire circumstances.

Solutions come from being in an open-mind, open-heart state. This is truly the purest definition of Love.

Hybrid Vigor is the common biological term I use in my book’s title, to explain people like you, like me, who have already made this commitment to living in the state of Love. To live open and free, awaiting the next creative idea, image, poem, dance, chemical component, engineering solution that will come forth, spontaneously, when we’re open to Love and have closed the door to fear.

My book highlights, by using animals’ behavior to explain the ways in which we can choose to operate after humankind has become spiritualized, another definition for the Hybrid Vigor kind of person.

Creativity is Unlimited

I know you are a Hybrid Vigor! You wouldn’t be reading this if you weren’t. Please share this with whoever you know needs to hear it. Perhaps someone who hasn’t yet thought how filled with Hope we Hybrid Vigors are?

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