No Time for Fear, It’s Wasteful

The Dreamer, mixed media, 24x48 inches

How we spend our time is what we are. Time after time we prove to ourselves: What we become is what we hold in our consciousness. If you believe things are going wrong, they will. If you believe that things happen for a reason, even if you don’t like them or ever know what reason,…

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Why I Call Myself Spiritual

Anything else—wondering, doubting, partying our brains out, believing in fairy tales, fearing an imminent planetary apocalypse, or any other kind of spiritual hijinxs promoted by would-be assassins of Love, those promote power leaks, like judging others—only wastes precious spiritual energy by creating holes in one’s life’s sturdiness.

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How-to Balance in an Off-Kilter Time

Here, I’ll attempt to give my 123-step way of keeping balanced, whether facing a blowhard persona, or a dangerous slice of Nature. I’ll use the letters (H) for hurricane-force of nature; and (P) for the political storm many Americans feel victim of these daze.

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