In the Midst of Chaos … a Center of Calm

These days we all have this choice: Ought I buy into the huge amount of angst and anxiety going around, due to all sorts of factors (Nature sending us messages of dis-content; the political arena in an unsettling uproar; scandals loosening our tongues about age-old abuses and oppression surrounding others’ use of sexual control, etc. etc.) … OR we could choose to turn within, and seek shelter in the calm of our inner space.

We all have the same choice. Be fearful or stay in our Big Heart of Our Shared Humanity.

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The 2nd Chakra: Creatively Conscious!

This need-to-know-and-feel-everything! is 2nd chakra energy, folks! We all have it. This is our human desire, our birthright: to create, to do, to feel, to explore. To dive into, and off of, to climb to the top of every mountain we can. At least while we have the energy to. That’s why some of us exercise as we do, to maintain our energy levels just so we can keep up our explorations as long as we can.

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For the next 7 weeks … the 7 chakras!

I think most of us who are reading this would benefit from being reminded how powerful that first chakra energy is. If you’re sick — go to bed! If you’re lonely — go be around others! If you’re angry — don’t take it out on yourself. And if you’ve ever been near dead (called an NDE, a “near death experience,” been in a coma, or know anyone who has — know that even if you’re only in that first chakra, the energy is powerful enough, healing enough, and guiding you (listen!) sufficiently, on its own, just by breathing … so all you have to do is keep breathing and you will stay alive. Never give up!

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