‘I’ — the MOST important thing to know

in the 'I' ... easing through Life-Storms, a nonfiction spiritual adventure by teZa Lord, aka LordFlea

To know one’s own true Self is the greatest gift we can ever have! And best of all, we can give it to our own Self. You don’t need someone to hand it to you. You don’t need to “earn” it. It’s every single person’s birthright, to explore this inner Self, what I call the ‘I’ within.

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Ask mySelf, “How Am I Doing?

Book of teZ

The ABCDs of an aware and awakened yoga approach to the physical practice of hatha yoga:

Always, I suggest a student remembers their
Breath, their
Core (the inner lock called the mulabandha, engaged or ready-to-be) and their
Drishti, the easy focus of the eyes and a relaxed, pleasant-looking smile

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Learning to Live Spiritually from Nature

In many cultures the belief is firmly established …that all things in existence—everything, without exception—are Interconnected. Nothing changes unless we, each one of us, decides to Wake Up! Without change, everything faces extinction, even hope.

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