Happiness Is Hard Work

JOY in Many Flavors by teZa Lord

JOY in Many Flavors by teZa Lord If anyone tells you it’s easy being happy, don’t believe them for a second. Behind every happy, sunny face is a person who has true dedication to maintaining that positive state. The people we hang out with, the words we use, even the food we eat all contribute…

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All Lives Matter

united in our cause to make a difference--one person at a time

The more people who make it their pleasure, their personal quest, to become as aware and awake as possible, the more our society gets influenced by so-and-so’s positive energy, instead of barraged by the negative energy that causes more mishaps and tragedies, which then sells more papers, clicks, air time, and catches the attention of greedy Hollywood vampires.

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Blast Off! Why Suffer? Change!

holding the Light

Stay aware of the power of the Big Heart, part of the individual heart we all have, by which all we humans connect through. By accepting that I’ve tried my best to change, both myself and those around me, I am en-light-ened. But whatever I can’t change I lovingly accept. And this, my friend, brings great comfort to any troubled soul. When this happens, we can bless our suffering. Because it brought us to our knees and MADE us change.

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Developing the Willingness to Change

Why do you think the topic of willingness to change comes after Finding the Courage (see the previous Maya post, September 15) instead of before it? I’m asking that to help gather my thoughts. Originally, these chapters-headings came to me in a flash, in quick succession, when I first decided I wanted to write about this…

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Ready, Set — COURAGE!

Chapter 1: Ready, Set—COURAGE!         Pretend that today is the first day of the rest of your life. Pretend that everything you ever thought true, isn’t, and that for the sake of experimentation only, you’re willing to try something new in your life. Why? Well, the payoff I’m promising is stupendous. You’ve heard of…

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Make each moment meaningful

Hi friend, what can i do to make my life more filled with that energy that excites me? that gets me out of the bed in the morning with a bounce and a purpose? for each of us it’s a different thing. i’ve been contemplating what makes ME filled with life’s exciting call to living…

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change…the only constant in the Universe

i’m off to cambridge, mass for a fun-filled, information-packed reunion at the revered alma mater of my spouse, and to celebrate life and all its changes with our good friends of many years. change…the only thing you can count on … i’m thinking how i change … my body … where i am … my…

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