Going With the Flow, Literally

All you have control over, really and truly and honestly, is your own Self. And by that capital “S” in Self I mean the BIG you, the one that knows that Great Spirit, or God, or Presence, or Consciousness, or whatever “Name” you’re comfortable with—is in charge. It’s not until you give yourSelf completely to the fact that you ARE a spiritual being wearing a human skin, that you will know true peace, within and without.

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In the Midst of Chaos … a Center of Calm

These days we all have this choice: Ought I buy into the huge amount of angst and anxiety going around, due to all sorts of factors (Nature sending us messages of dis-content; the political arena in an unsettling uproar; scandals loosening our tongues about age-old abuses and oppression surrounding others’ use of sexual control, etc. etc.) … OR we could choose to turn within, and seek shelter in the calm of our inner space.

We all have the same choice. Be fearful or stay in our Big Heart of Our Shared Humanity.

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The Bridge, our Opened Heart

fill yourSelf with LOVE

Love filled my mind with white diamond light. My body melted and I watched myself becoming this ever-expanding love. The warmth and fullness of my chest spread everywhere. I was one ball of a wholesome, loving heart. Was I chanting anymore? Probably not. Was I pure Love itself, me? Yes. Without a doubt. I can attest that I had become Love itself.

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We are Much More Similar than Dis–

All our cells create a Oneness within our own bodies. Why can’t we humans try to see every other person, for better or worse, as another cell in the fabric of our united human society, and allow them to serve their role like you do your own liver cells, your lung cells, your toenail cells?

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Ecstasy 1.0

Yes, I can write much more about how I’m feeling about this gift of life, but let’s let Jill Bolte Taylor’s famous TED talk do it for me, shall we? And if you are one of the few who hasn’t seen “My Stroke of Insight” you are in for an amazing ride, a visceral treat. An intellectual rollar-coaster. T

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The Mystery of Life: the Self unveiled

“Things are not what they appear to be” could be a good subtitle of what the blog Lord Flea attempts to do here, by sharing events, experiences, insights and proof of how very little we really know about what this life we have is all about.

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