be an eco-champion

wouldn’t it be nice if everyone were as excited—as they are about things like, well, fashion, sports, sex, our favorite celebrity—about helping the Earth, our Mother, our dear garden planet, as she struggles to maintain her equilibrium? I think it would be a great day for the human race if we all could become addicted to and absolutely obsessed about being ECO-CHAMPIONS.

I’m happy so many of us are becoming green-minded. It’s about time! For years I’ve been a recycler, a composter, writing and arting about people becoming more aware…but it takes the screeching cry of the Earth itself for people to wake up!

Listen…can you hear her? This is what she used to look like…at Glacier Park, high in the mountains of Montana…

Glacier Park in early twenty-first century...some glaciers left

Glacier Park in early twenty-first century...some glaciers left

  … and this is what she, our Mother Earth, will look like soon if we don’t ALL become ECO-CHAMPIONS . . .

global warming at Glacier Park -- ACT NOW!

global warming at Glacier Park -- ACT NOW!

every single action you take either takes us closer to a global melt-down, or further away from that terrible truth. Please act consciously: save energy, get involved locally, nationally, internationally. Compost, recycle, and stop waste!

Along with this awakened attitude toward our Mother Earth, you will come to realize that the economic crunch we’re all experiencing is actually a GOOD THING. Why? How can I say such a daring, strong statement? Because Lordflea believes that too many people live solely for material goods, wealth, and judge their “success” in living by how much STUFF they have, or can buy.

We need to realize that we are all spiritual beings having a human experience here on Earth, and our FIRST obligation is to protect our Mother.

Please awaken to this truth before it’s too late. Spread the word. Get Active, become an Eco-Champion.

Thanks, i love you! lordflea singing the song of ONENESS

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