So — Think You’re Compassionate?

This is the Sufi Prayer written backwards! See if you can read it.

This is the Sufi Prayer written backwards! See if you can read it.

(Below is a monthly reminder I send out. I want you to see how I am involved with the Compassion Movement in my hometown. Perhaps you can start something similar in your own neighborhood? Spread the Word, please!)

Hello Compassionate Friend,

You can bet ALL of us think we’re compassionate. But are we, really?

Please join us this week to discuss how we can expand our thinking about this vital subject. We talk about everything from how to be more compassionate in our own lives as well as in our circle and community. Simply by thinking more deeply about compassion we help BE the solution to life’s many challenges. Join us and help spread the growing awareness about compassion’s great healing power.

ALL are invited to an open discussion of Compassion
Wednesday evening, October 2, 2013, 7-8pm
(note: we meet EVERY 1st Weds)
At the community building of St. Cyprian’s Center at 130 Martin Luther King Ave, close to Lovett St in Lincolnville

Why talk about it?

Because the more something is talked about, the more our consciousness is affected, influenced, and changed. In the case of talking about compassion, we in the Compassion Movement believe that universally applying The Golden Rule is the solution to all the many problems that beset our fractured world today.  “Compassion is the sign of strength. Anger is the sign of weakness.” (His Holiness the Dalai Lama in May, 2013 at Youth Engaging Compassion conference in Louisville, Kentucky.)

Talk/Walk Compassion Discussion Group is an eclectic group of citizens who gather the first Wednesday of each month to discuss aspects of compassion. This is not a self-help group but rather … a Change-Maker group.

Here in St. Augustine our City Commissioners just declared ours a “Compassionate City” — the first in Florida!!and only the 20th in the entire world to take this positive leadership stand to promote inclusiveness and healing. Spreading awareness of compassion is the purpose of our discussion group. Our goal is to help heal our challenged world, one person at a time. Starting with our own selves.

Our only affiliation is with the
Please feel free to PASS THIS EMAIL ON to any you think might be interested.

For further information about our monthly discussion group or how you can get involved with the Compassion Movement, please respond to this email or use one of the contacts below.

Sincerely yours,
Ervin Bullock and teZa Lord, organizers of the group

(for mapquest:)
St. Cyprian’s Community Center
130 M L King Ave
St. Augustine, FL  32084

LOCAL contact:

on Facebook: St. Augustine Initiative for Compassion
MAIN site for the International Compassion Movement:

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