Believe In Miracles!

Believe in Miracles

Believe in Miracles

Dear One,

Regular readers of Lord Flea know that it’s unusual for me to post more than once or twice a month, and that’s because I’ve been busy writing a book these last two years. Good news! The book is on it’s last stage before being sent to an interested publisher! All this hard work pays off. Each word is another step toward success. I remind myself everyday, just as I once did when I changed my life by putting down my negative addictions and took up the task of spiritualizing myself—that it’s One Day at a Time. For everything!

Today, instead of book news, travel news, or expressing how much I love Art and Spirit, especially together, I’ve got something else on my mind. And that has to do with LIFE CRISIS.

Three weeks ago my 96-year-old mom’s life changed drastically.

Up to that time she was completely independent, living alone for the last 27 years since my dad passed over. Except for the usual wearing down of body (in the form of starting to have to take meds, at age 90)—she was strong as an ox and healthy as the proverbial horse. She even cooked a many-course dinner for five of us the week before. That included catching the fish, laboriously making fishcakes (yummy), baking a pie, plus all the other extras of a spectacular from-scratch meal.

I did the dishes.

Mom accidentally overdosed herself (easy to do, my friends!) on the dangerous blood-thinner, Coumadin. The result was drastic, partial paralysis and it’ll be a miracle if mom can ever walk again. But … if there’s one thing going through this crisis has shown me, it’s to … Believe In Miracles

During this time of emergency surgery, hours of stressful anesthesia and all its grave complications, I’ve been there, by mom’s side. My lone sister is available by phone, but because of a serious situation in her own faraway family, I’ve been the go-to person who’s in charge of mom’s life.

I had to get a “Do Not Resuscitate” Order … things were that serious.

At one point I was forced to dismiss an attending physician in the rehab. I found out through my own detective work (all writers are good at this) he did not READ carefully my mother’s file. If he had, he himself would have realized how crazy it was to put her back on the same drug that had just caused all her woes. Three other physicians had made written statements in her file attesting to this.

Simply because someone has a Dr in front of their name does not mean they have all answers, all remedies, or more common sense than a flea. We must all, ultimately, be responsible for our own selves. And in the case of elderly parents, we grownup kids get to watch over our now-diminished parents. With me, it’s my honor to give mom this care and attention.

So—what do I do to stay centered during the heat of an emergency?

Mantra repetition. Breath. The mantra riding the breath. Whichever mantra you use, focus on It, and not on the horror that’s before you, or the confusion we all must confront in times of crisis.

I find that by focusing on a single ray of Light (sacred mantra), my breath and the Name repeated, over and over, is enough to keep me centered. And keep me real. No matter what happens in life—even the drasticness of death—nothing can shake us from the core of our existence when we become One with a sacred mantra. Such as:

“I am That.”
Om Namah Shivaya
Nam Yo Range Kuo  — Om Tare Tuttare Ture Swaha
“I am That.”



Expect a miracle, soon, my friend! If you look carefully, you will see them happening all around us, all the time. But the really big ones, the kind that save us from the brink of death, or lead us to a good relationship, or indicate where our energies are best focused — these come particularly when we send out a “request.”

Try it.
In the Light of Love,
LordFlea aka teZa Lord

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