A Better Choice for All Humans

Animals Guide Us to a Better Way

Hybrid Vigor is my latest audiobook. It’s about you and me, and everyone else who, like the animals I’ve used as guides in this collection of true accounts, have chosen to demonstrate how humanity needs to change. Each of us gets to choose for ourselves whether or not to become a better, more enlightened version of our humanity.

Hybrid Vigor and each of its animal-guides shows how we can embrace myriad opportunities to grow more freely, to be higher-minded: by emulating the animal species I present as examples. Who doesn’t want to BE in a constant state of love, experiencing the expansion of mind-body-spirit? That state of be-ing starts by be-lieving in and living in a state of acceptance, balancing our humanness with our true animal nature. This is the opposite of living in fear. That’s why I say this is living in Love.

We do whatever we can to make positive change happen, but like the animals facing a harsh winter storm, we must not resist change. Because resistance is a form of trauma itself. Resisting will teach us what needs to be learned. It’s only a matter of how much discomfort a person can take. We must learn from our trauma. Just as I have learned from this neck of mine that had to have neurosurgery to make it function right. I’m healing nicely, thanks.

Truly BE a Hybrid Vigor

Only when we embrace the infinite possibilities that the openness of Love presents, will we humans truly be Hybrid Vigors. We will then be owning the fact that we are spiritual beings who are experiencing a human state. We were something very immense (pure energy) before coming to a human body. We will return to that body-less state of consciousness (pure energy) some call “home” but I call “the Light of pure Love” after our used-up bodies no longer serve us.

This is the blessing of having a spiritual foundation in life. This is the reward of becoming a HYBRID VIGOR (Click here to order your copy). We get to plan for forever, but we get to live each moment to its fullest. Right here, right now. Be Love, not fear.

Decide to BE in total surrender to what is. Choose to experience the fullness of Love.

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