A Nervy Time for All of Us, Indeed!

Big Strong Angel, mixed media by teZa

We’re all feeling the crunch of being challenged, aren’t we?

If it’s not the pandemic’s anti-versus-got’em vaxers, the political unrest, economic hardship, it’s the most current and war-scary headlines of the Ukraine’s invasion by Russia in our newsfeeds. Or it’s … well, you name it.

Being human means dealing with stress. Some of us need help more than ever now.

I know many people who are going through confusing, disturbing, unsettling times. I bet you know some too, and maybe you yourself are one.

So, if you’re like me (yes, I was tested with my personal despair of a broken femur recently), you probably want to help anyone out you see suffering. But … really, can we help others out of deep despair?

How much can each of us help one another, or another country, or a breaking-up couple, or a family in dysfunctional distress?

Oftentimes, we can. And that’s great. Do what you can if it’s within your power and doesn’t drag your spirits down by getting personally involved with other’s woes.

But often, we can’t help. In the case of the Ukraine, this is a situation too vast, too complicated, and too faraway for most of us to offer any immediate help with.

As for a suffering, nearby individual we know, we can offer kind words, a sympathetic ear, and always, a smile to comfort a hurting soul. And if you’re able, perhaps a bit of economic support for a person or family who needs food, rent, some semblance of stability which they’ve lost due to circumstances that can happen to anyone.

What If We Can’t Do Anything Tangible to Help?

In my books I refer to what I call thought seeds. This is my way of expressing what I know to be worth more than barrels of gold, more than the fattest check one can write, and as much relief as front line workers bring who have chosen to be the real-life rescuers for people in distress: the doctors and nurses, counselors for the mentally challenged, spiritual leaders and comforters, plus the men and women who fight to protect their nations’ sovereign interests.

A thought seed represents, in a graphic metaphor, the power of holding onto positive thought(s) instead of giving way when deluged with negative circumstances to creating more angst by thinking negatively.

Every person is capable of shifting their thinking from darkness to the light of hope with their free will alone. How? Here’s some examples.

Imagine,   if you will, that you’re a Ukrainian person hiding in your basement fearing for your life with bombs going on above you. Or you’re a person sitting on death row awaiting your long-anticipated execution. Or … you’re a teenage boy contemplating suicide because of the avalanche of pressures upon every youth of today, including peer pressure, the world’s social and political unrest, paranoia about the ongoing Covid pandemic, climate change, impending terrorism … the list expands daily.

Imagine you’re this person. Or, take one of your own troubles, however slight and insignificant it may seem in comparison to these more gigantic ones. You always have a choice. You can either succumb to the overwhelming fears of your dire condition, or … you can choose to focus on the fact that you’re alive, you’re breathing, you’re right in the middle of things … you don’t know how things will turn out … yet.

You can, and I’m urging you to—focus on the unlimited power of the human mind to not only cope with adversities, but to make these so-called “bad things” into a tool, a mental and spiritual tool, for you and all the people surrounding you who observe you, to accept that life’s difficulties lead us to the next, different, unpredictable stage of our earthly existence.

Things lead to new situations. Constantly. We never know where they lead us to … until we arrive. This is staying in the Now.

Why Choose Hope When Things Appear Hopeless?

Is it ridiculous to think positively when everything seems impossibly awful?

No! Life is magical. One never knows what’s going to happen … so stay in this game of life as long as you can and play it with an enchanted hand. Use your free will to create something marvelous out of what appears to be … bad.

I speak from personal experience. I’m not wishing a fairy-godmother dream upon a pile of stinking cruelty. I’m speaking from the heart about what we can, and should do in the face of adversity. I’m saying that life is a mysterious thing, and no one—certainly not me, nor you, nor anyone—knows what the outcome will be for any event or situation that occurs.

The power of looking at even the worse situation with a positive, “Well, let’s focus on accepting this moment, and hope everything turns out okay” outlook serves many purposes:

  • our human brain will not seize-up with fear if we keep our thoughts uplifted and relaxed
  • we make better, clearer decisions when our mind is relaxed, and sometimes the decision is to do nothing (like hiding in the basement for the Ukraine folks) and … wait for another day, or minute, to pass
  • when we focus on positive thoughts, the seeds we sow can’t be seen, but they’re as real, as effective as hurricane force winds: especially when many people unite in sowing seeds of positive-thinking together, rather than creating more chaos of panic, anger, or reckless reactions
  • the best responses can be determined, rather than haplessly reacting to crises, when our minds are calm during anxious, dangerous or confusing times
  • mentally choosing positive thought seeds makes positive results more possible than the alternative (sending out more negative, destructive tendencies)
  • healing is always possible, in even the most impossible appearing situations

Our Thoughts Are the Energy Behind All Actions

If we see an apple before us and want to eat it, our arm doesn’t reach out on its own. The reason our arm extends, and our hand can grab hold of that delicious apple we want so badly to taste, is because our mind has formed a thought seed of “I want to eat that apple.” And once the mind has thought this, sparking the seed of action of grabbing, and then eating this appealing apple, is possible.

No action happens without a thought preceding it.

The thing is, most people are not conscious of this lightning-fast thought that precedes every single action, like eating an apple.

So why not think positive thoughts, even about the most dreaded, feared, unfair, intolerable situations? If you continue thinking horrible things about any given situation instead of sending your psychic energies to the object of distress … resolutions that uplift any human situation will occur. This is true for my life, and it’s true for your life. And here’s the thing about positive thoughts: the more people who hold positive thoughts instead of negative ones, the more powerful solutions get created, just by the energy behind positive thoughts being combined with others’ individual (psychic) mental powers.

Test Your Mind’s Unlimited Powers

If you find the idea of thought seeds hard to believe, just test it for yourself.

Take any given situation that bothers you, that keeps you up at night, that makes you cringe with pain, judgement, or condemnation. And decide (exercise your free will) to let go of your judgement. I know, I know, it’s hard. It takes practice. But once you let go of judging, then you can utilize your unlimited powers each and every human has in their beautiful mind … to send needed energy to this particular situation.

If you need help with this practice of sending your positive thought seeds to anything that disturbs you, please join me on my YouTube channel where I offer calming Mind-Stillers (designed to help a busy mind) of different varieties.

And I send my positive thoughts, my inner powerful energy that can traverse thousands of miles to each and every person in distress on this beautiful garden planet of ours.

I love you,

teZa aka LordFlea

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