the treat of having fun … be something else!

Dear Friend,

i was really trying to look scary, but instead, i was told i look … just normal. does that mean i’m a lousy costumer? or just have such an intrinsic sense of beauty (that goes along with Oneness, in that all is Love, even … the flip side, which is called “the dark”) that even my interpretation of the dark side comes across as … what one person said as she rushed up to me while we floated around the dance floor, groovin’ to the mellow music at a halloween party (at Bob Bonner’s BBC) this saturday night…”Eileen! you look beautiful.”  “Damn!” was all i could think. “I’m not Eileen! and even if i were, can’t i even make coupling with the dark side look at least a little creepy?” oh well, i tried. 

the lordflea and consort

the lordflea and consort

but i don’t think you’d give us any candy if we showed up at your door, would ya?

have fun! smile and laugh with the little ones who love to “be” something else. and if you dare, celebrate the true meaning of halloween: be creepy! all hallow’s eve, the night the dead come out of their grave to dance and make havoc, because the next morning is “All Saints Day,” and the disturbed forces are once again, put back in their proper place: in the dark. the sign of a healthy person is one who isn’t afraid to embrace their “shadow”… so don’t be shy to be as ugly, weird, wonderfully whacky, or just plain eccentric at least this one day/night a year (and more, if you can!).

in the Light of the sneering goblin, lordflea sending tricks your way

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