the unpredictable serendipity of …

have to tell you about my 90 year-old mom: the other day she was waiting at the light, having come to check our mail for us while we were in cuba, and suddenly she saw an accident in front of her, on US 1, a big thoroughfare she was waiting to turn onto. mind you, she was one car length away from where she SHOULD have stopped at the light, thank god, because one of the cars involved in the crash spun out of control and hit HER car while she’s sitting there! she was unhurt … but her car was friggin’ totallled!!! can you believe it!!! she only got a few lousy thousand from the insurance and had to blah blah blah … all the stuff one has to do when they’re innocently involved in a messy situation. new car, papers, hassles, etc. now she’s got a MUCH bigger car (she’s freaked about getting hit again, for good reason). for a know-it-all-genarian (ha ha!) she took it pretty well.

in the "I" of life's hurricane

in the "I" of life's hurricane

life…it’s unpredictable

or…how ’bout my friend Priscilla, who is captain of a 42′ charter sailboat here in St. Augustine. the other day she gets a phone call that her boat is getting pounded to smithereens against the pilings of the concrete bridge separating the beach from the mainland. her mooring line had broken in the middle of the night! an iron-link chain, my friends. fortunately no one was aboard, so no injuries to people, and her boat, the Ace Lady sustained only minor harm. and Priscilla, she knows how it is with the sea and boats–anything that can happen DOES happen. she smiled, and went out to buy a new chain.

life…it’s unpredicatable.

we could laugh and smile and greet each potential HORRIBLE thing with as much grace and gratitude as we do all the AMAZINGLY WONDROUS one. because it’s only a matter of a flip of a coin, whether we get a “good” or a “bad” event happening to us. that’s life! ain’t it grand!

breathe.  relax. take a walk. if stress seems insurmountable…it’s because you’ve put too much weight on the importance of “things”…instead of the relationship between you and…the Source of the swirling motion of madness surrounding us at all times! Laugh! Dance! Breathe deeply, my friends.

in the Light, lordflea

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