yoga in buenos aires

here we are in argentina, where a woman is president and people are not that affected by the global economic crunch, i´m told,  but unfortunately the aires in buenos aires (good airs) is NOT buenos…because of the pollution, which in spanish is the more graphic word, contaminacion. here the people are lovely, and i mean not just in looks but in manners. everyone smiles and looks you in the eye. there is absolutely NO obesity also, which is perhaps the most startling contrast between this place and everywhere else you go to in America these days. <people, stop eating junk!! here people eat a lot of beef but it has hardly any fat, due to the fact that it apparently is grass fed, as opposed to the american grain’fed cattle, or worse,given feed loaded with chemicals, appetite’enhancers, etc.

i´m meeting the ex wife of an old friend of mine´whom i don´t know, who happens to be a yoga teacher here in buenos aires. we will together visit an ancient, very respected cemetary right next to my hotel, where peron himself is buried. perhaps eva too, but i don´t know that yet.  then i´ll be taking my friend´s yoga class, which of course will be in spanish. mi espanol es mucho mas mejor que el otros tiempos en los  pays espagnoles.

we rented bicycles, something Carter and i love to do wherever we go. biking around is the best way to check out a new place. i recommend everyone does that, in order to vibe out what´s really happening in a new place, whether it´s a city or a rural place, in a new country, or just in another part of your county. if a bike is available this is the most fun way to cover a lot of ground and see the sort of places usually only the daring adventurous locals get to see. when we travel we don´t head for the shops, bars, eateries or galleries or museums, but to the back streets, the docks, the alleys and unheralded places where the working people hang, or the outer edges of the city, where you can see how a city is put together, by the trains, trucks and ships that come and go. but then, carter and i are sailors and we love to be where the underbelly of a place thrives, rather than where the deals are. so many people who travel seem to go some place just to get a deal. who cares, not me. i go for the stories each person has in their eyes, or the way the streets are lined up, which plants grow there and which don´t, rather than what all the famous artists who have died or are even still alive, have depicted life in their country to be, or what their inner sentiments are. i´d rather make up my own mind than to be influenced by others´art. but then…this is an artist speaking, an person who considers writing to be word’painting, and images in collaboration with establishing a deeper connection to the Inner Self.

no pictures today, or any of my drawings, but i hope you take this opportunity to look over some of the older posts in lordflea. wishing you a great day. how do you like the way i´ve used this spanish keyboard…where i can´t even find the question mark…

in the Light, lordflea, from buenos aires, where we stay for a few more days before heading to cordoba, close to chile.

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