Do the Next Right Thing

so many choices---so much so much!

so many choices---so much so much!

So many things come into my mind to do, to share about, to learn, to explore, to relish! Choices choices choices! All around me are things reminding me of what I want to do, how many unlimited diversions there are in life, and how on earth am i ever going to decide which one to do–like now!

so what do i do when i’m excited, stimulated, intensely over-joyed with all of life’s many wonders (and equally, can get “bogged down” or “overwhelmed” if i’m not in “right” frame of mind . . . ) —well, for me I try to keep things simple, and try to do the right next thing.

how do I do this, i hear you asking? I go within. I get quiet. I journey to the wisdom within my own Higher Self. I breathe. And . . . if I have time, I meditate.

Choices, stimulus, too much information! Go to The Center, and BREATHE

Choices, stimulus, too much information! Go to The Center, and BREATHE

these days my priorities are quite simple. I write, therefore I am. Finishing up a book is a full-time effort—plus i have a job, a family, a garden, an ardent exercise program, and a devoted yoga practice. WOW. Where do we find time to get it all done?

Certainly we have to give up some things to make room for the more important ones. Consciously deciding which things are most important, prioritizing, is in order, to keep from feeling overwhelmed. Having a “serious conversation” with our own needs is a sign of spiritual maturity. Otherwise, we too easily allow ourselves to become overwhelmed, or “sucked-in” by others’ needs, influences, or energies.

fulfilling needs--yours and others

fulfilling needs--yours and others

I remember a time when our kids were young, when care-taking things were really going full-on and quite out of hand, and my feeling of being overwhelmed was almost a constant. I kept a little reminder note to myself in a place where I could easily see it:

“Find the time to do the things you NEED to do, create the time for the things you WANT to do.”

That helped enormously. Because, of course, when it comes to a list of “to-do’s” if it comes down to pulling weeds or going to exercise, i know i can combine those two; but in the case of preparing a healthy dinner versus the ease of ordering out, i always allow time for what I call HOUSEHOLD YOGA.

Time for doing things that translate as love, not just “filling space” with action

time for compassion

time for caring for others, and our own needs

time for caring for my Self, my Higher Self, my inner wisdom-connection

time to Honor Life and be a steward to the planet

time to Honor my spirit’s temple, my body (exercise, healthy food, good friends)

time to cultivate happiness (listen to good music, watch a fun show, plan a party)

time to balance work with play, sadness with joy, taking care of Self with taking care of others—and, most importantly in my book: honoring the fact that this life is a gift, and every moment is a special crystalline connection between the Divine, and all of life.

and . . . always, till the end of our own lives, allow yourself time to always LEARN SOMETHING NEW — whether a new recipe, a new game, new sport, new language, or  . . . making a new friend.

Enjoy your life! It’s the journey that counts, not how much you make of it.

take time to prioritize your interests.

Take Time to Breathe. Consciously. Slowly. Focus on breath coming slowly in, and slowly release your breath out. Feel the connection between all in existence through your breath. Your own little life is one and the same as the BIG picture, the Universe even. It’s real! It’s happening, without you even knowing it, so why not enjoy the thrill of FEELING the connection.

We Are One . . . breathe and feel the connection

We Are One . . . breathe and feel the connection

 in the Light, lordflea

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