Arwen Arrives, My friends’ Gay Wedding, and the Forest People

dani wearing anti-seasick glasses

dani of Arwen wearing anti-seasick special glasses

we can all do someTHING to stop from being uncomfortable. Dani here wears special glasses with a “fake horizon” line, that gimbels in the center of her vision–a seasick prevention tool that WORKS, she claims. (A comforting word of advice from she who is sailing around the world yet suffers terribly from seasickness–go figure!)

jens bailing out the dinghy

jens bailing out the dinghy

it’s been a few weeks now, but finally! i am going to share about my weekend up in Boston recently. So much has been happening that it’s taken me THIS long to get around to blogging about the fantastic wedding of our friends Gene and Nat, and the mystical sculpture of a great artist friend, Pam. Instead of blogging, you may ask–what is lordflea up to? Well, I’m in the middle of a special nonfiction writing project with my German friend Dani, who is passing through St. Augustine on the good yacht Arwen with Jens, her fiance. If you remember from a few posts ago, these are the sailing friends i had gone up to Cape Cod to cruise with, when my trip was interrupted after just a few days with news of my mother’s illness.

captain and his mate onboard Arwen

Captain Jens and his mate Dani onboard Arwen, anchored off NYC

Now mom is fully healed (pretty great for a 91 year-young gal!) and Dani and Jens have cruised back south from their first visit along America’s eastern shoreline, after having even ventured inland to see Niagara Falls and joining the hoards of “leaf-peepers” —gawking at the flaming reds and yellows of our Great Autumnal Show, in the eastern mountains of the USA.

Here’s a Dani and Jens again, my German sailing buds, who met in Spain and fell in love while sailing.


this is jens


this is dani

and … this is their favorite yoga pose ….

dani and jens


two weeks after i sailed with Dani and Jens up in Cape Cod, on a whole other trip, my consort Carter and I ventured BACK up to Boston-way to attend our friends’ wedding. So many people came to help Gene and Nat celebrate! We considered ourselves among the blessed chosen to have been invited to witness these two great men tie the knot.

gene and nat saying their mutual "I do"s in front of us all in Harvard Memorial Chapel

gene and nat saying their mutual "I do"s in front of us all in Harvard Memorial Chapel

Gene, the man on the right, is an old friend of Carter’s from high school days, and they both went on to attend college together. The ceremony was held at their Alma Mater, Harvard University, in the illustriuous hallowed hall of Memorial Chapel. The reception, very suave and smart, was held at the Faculty Club. The best thing about the reception was how Nat introduced each and every one of us, his and Gene’s guests, and related how we all were linked to his and Gene’s lives. That was quite a feat as we were many, and varied, and from all over the country–covering many years, inspiring many great stories. After the third male guest was introduced by Nat saying, “And this is Bob (Tom, Bill, Jerry, etc.) who was a former boyfriend of mine,” I shouted, “Too much information!” And we all laughed. It was an emotional event for us all. Everyone there, no matter what their political or religious or social persuasian might be, were indeed happy that Gene and Nat got to enjoy the same privilege that two other humans of opposite sexes have enjoyed for …. well, eons. Congratulations Gene and Nat!

the two grooms cut the cake

the two grooms cut the wedding cake

ahhhhh, the ceremony was traditional and formally binding. The reception was festive and merrily attended by well-wishers coming from every point of the country. But — best of all — was seeing two people who really love each other be able, legally, to express their commitment for each other in a very public, very sacred manner, with all the dignity afforded to everyone else in society.

Attaway Gene and Nat! WE love YOU!

forget the cake---let's kissyananda too!

forget the cake---let's kissyananda too!

also during that trip up north i was invited into the forest by my magical friend, Pam Esty, who is an artist extraordinaire. Her creatures, neatly place, nicely hidden, are true Forest People. Blending in with their surroundings, made from parts of the very trees they dance and frolic amongst, these little wee folk are truly a delight, almost as much as their creator. See if you can find them, hidden among the leaves and branches.

a forest folk

forest folk twins

forest folk twins

the forest folk Queen, Herself

the forest folk Queen, Herself--Pam!

i’ll try writing more and sharing more—soon as i can. I keep asking myself: how do people ever find time to blog everyday, or more, is beyond me! but then….maybe they’re not doing all what i do in between.

in the Light, lordflea

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