earthquake, tsunamis, freeze–what’s it all about???

I just spoke with our friend Magdalena in Santiago,Chile 70 miles away from the epicenter of yesterday’s quake in Conception Chile. In Santiago today, Monday, there is No electric power, just today a tiny bit of water but not much, no cell phones, no gas, bridges down, a 5 story building built 5 years ago one block from her apartment completely collapsed.  No food stores open.  Bread Friday $1 a pound, now $7 a pound if you can get it.  Supermarket where she shops CLOSED.  Almost ALL shops CLOSED.  Afraid to use car as no gas available.

SHe is not hurt.  HEr son, grandson and Constanza in old town are OK.  HEr husband on the farm is OK.

9 PM curfews in Concepcion to the south.  Lot of looting and general chaos.  Expect curfews to begin in Santiago.  Bridges and highways around Santiago down and destroyed. The ONLY thing working is the phone.  Cell towers down, TV towers down. It was a miracle I got her on the phone.

SHe is OK for now but I think we should stand by to front her some $ for food.

Entire infrastructure of the country has been wrecked.

IMagine what it must be like.  No way to get anything to eat.  For ANYBODY.

more later…gotta go. sorry haven’t been able to blog much. writing my book.

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