More Recession Thoughts

I’m in Maine for a reunion and blogging from my iPhone. Short and sweet. Was speaking of awareness-acceptance-action and, by applying this step-by-step method anything–ANYthing becomes possible.

Why do I think the current recession is a good thing? Simply put: when people (or groups, even entire cultures) come to the end of a system that no longer works, the inevitable happens–change. The economic hardships of today are a direct result of the spiralling-out-of-control of “civilazation’s” lust for more more more, without the check-and-balance of spiritual awareness. No one can dispute this. Greed and ignorance have led us into the trap of financial crisis. What will get us out of it, both individually and culturally?

Yep. You guessed it!


Awareness–that “things” are temporal and those who lead without consciousness of this fact are nothing less than asleep–or worse–they suffer from the lowest consciousness of all: needing to control others.

Acceptance–of the current dire state of affairs brought about by material-minded decisions, either by our leaders or our own choices, decisions that were made without considering the larger picture of “things”—that is, that not all things are material and that a great deal if life is a mystery, or spiritual, and these forces must be reckoned with and acknowledged. Or else.

Action–the recession is a blessing for those of us who believe it is an opportunity to change. With this new awareness, all choices we make, including who we allow to be our leaders, become en-lightened.

What changes can we make, what actions to take?

The way we “spend” —- our time, our money, our energy. Out of every crises an opportunity is lays hidden, camoflagued. It’s up to each of us to discover that opportunity for ourselves first, and how we can influence society secondly, by acting differently.

Myself, I see this recession, as well as the tragedy of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill in the Gulf, as a crossroads of our humanity. We can either continue as we were–mindlessly spending, letting greed and ignorance rule our day, and our governments, too—or we can decide right here, right now to become more awake, more aware, and more engaged with the magical, the un-material, the spiritual side of things. In other words, replace the great recession with the Great Mystery.

I send you all my love and support in making this leap to living from our opened hearts.

In Light, lordflea singing the song of Oneness.


  1. suzabella-joyfull on July 17, 2010 at 9:48 am

    Such blessings you send…warm breezes wafting thru our souls…i love sharing your site with my beloveds also…loving you and carter from me and my beloved mountains, szj PS recently did a painting entitled:’ birthing of the goddess’…one of these days will post a few

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