dolphin dreams we are ONE … breaking NEWS!

Just wanted to share the most amazing thing that happened to me recently, back in the winter months.

dolphin dreams we are ONE

dolphin dreams we are ONE

I went to the sea, equipped with my trusty neoprene wetsuit, and slowly entered the frigid Gulf of Mexico waters off Siesta Key in Sarasota Since the water temp was below 60 degrees, I had the sea to myself that day. I said to myself, “Today I’m going to prove that indeed, we are all one. I am going to call dolphins to come and play with me, using my meditation mantra.” I’d been wanting to perform this little experiment for some time, ever since I heard about inter-species communication. Also wanting to see the strength of this ancient sound-tool I’ve been using for quite some time, to attain inner peace. So today was the day. Dolphins or bust!

Lo and behold, in a short while I saw a dorsal fin. I knew it was a dolphin’s. So naturally, always believing myself, as many of us feel as well, that I’m a reincarnated porpoise (un huh, chuckle) I swam right toward where I saw the animal taking a breath. In just a few more minutes I saw, off to my right, and off to my left, another jump, and another … further away, so I gently, easily, mantra-ing swam in that direction too, and then another, following the jumps with my odd sound of Om Namah Shivaya repeated silently, silently, silently . . .  not thinking about anything. Only wanting to be with my merry friends. Repeating this simple mantra, one that loosely means “I honor the Divine within me, within All.” Then further down the beach I saw still another jumper, and swam gently toward the spot. This went on for sometime until, suddenly, I realized they were here!


the Opal Sea

the Opal Sea

Using only my mantra as a beacon, inviting them close with my thoughts alone — they came. Suddenly many appeared, darting and shooting like torpedoes all around me, checking me out, I guess. And then the fun began! Not wanting to intrude upon their space, or frighten then, or give them misleading promptings that I might be one of those people who want to commune with wild critters just to tell others I’d done so (chuckle) … I swam to a nearby sandbar and stood up, in a way to make myself as non-threatening as possible.  waist‑high, in shallow waters about a hundred yards off the Siesta Beach.

They were all around me, jumping, wrestling, tumbling, laughing, mating even! I felt compelled to communicate, so I started singing a high‑pitched sound — animal-like (babeee-babeee-babeee came my makeshift high-pitched sound) as I swished the waters with my hands … just to join in with the merriment, I guess suppose. I could every individual dolphin in all different shades of grey, greenish-grey, blue-grey too, as they rose up in the short waves’ crests, when they stuck their gleaming gray heads out of the water and looked at me, laughing, as curiously intrigued as I was … and they soon grew more wild with their games … wrestling as they sped around me playing noisy games, singing, laughing . . . and then . . . they grew more rambunctious as I watched, unbelievably thrilled they were so natural around me as they rolled and hugged each other in obvious coupling motions (yes, there were some spectacularly revealing dolphin penises flashing around there).

I was, you can imagine, transported to another mental state, another dimension, it seemed, by this time. I was totally with them. Their carnival antics went on for sometime, as I stood swishing the water, calling my inane babee-babee song, and watching. Watching, yet so happy to be accepted by them. Watching, and seriously not wanting them to get any closer. Their teeth were long and quite sharp. And their bodies were way larger than I’d imagined they’d ever be, up close and personal as I was, when I’d seen they before from decks of boats, or in aquariums. It was only because the cold started biting through my wetsuit that I finally realized it was time for me to go.

Meanwhile, unknown to me, behind me on the beach HUNDREDS of people had gathered on the shoreline, to watch this incredible sight of what they must have thought was a wild-animal trainer practicing her tricks. I was scared to go back to the beach. Scared to meet my own.  I desperately wanted to stay with the dolphins. These creatures that were so filled with fun, so watery, so accepting. But I knew I had to go back. I am a land person. I have to live on the land, or at least on a boat, when I can leave the land. So slowly I walked backwards, so I could remain with my watery buddies as long as I possibly could … till the surf wouldn’t allow them to accompany me any further, and I had to turn and walk the remaining few feet to the beach. When my watery friends saw that I was leaving, they stayed with me as long as they could, and one by one departed to deeper waters when they saw I was retreating from their games.

Without a word to anyone I passed the crowd with my eyes on the sand. I hopped in my car and took off without engaging anyone.

What an amazing gift they gave me! I had to share it with you.

love and dolphin dreams to you, my friend, lordflea

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