A Spiritual-Symbolic Drawing Explained in Detail … “the teacher within”

Hi Everyone! Thought you’d enjoy this drawing that I’ll tell you about it after you look at it for a moment.

identifying with the Teacher

identifying with the Teacher

Within each of us is part of everyone and everything else — it’s true! We are All One. Some of us feel this more strongly than others. But that doesn’t make it not true when some don’t feel this truth in their own life, or disagree when someone feels it in theirs. I have experienced this Oneness for myself, so for me there is no question. Also, I’ve been with someone who was in the process of dying (life-transition) and they too experienced this Oneness I’m talking about, just before leaving their physical body. So for the topic of Oneness, and using it as a subject for making art it’s a no-brainer. it’s the equivalent of some people painting horses, cats, or teddy-bears, really. I love Oneness! It’s so inspired my life, my quest for life’s magic that I wish to share it with as many people as I can.

we are indeed, ALL ONE. Let’s look at it from another perspective, shall we?

we humans are crystals of shared energy and consciousness

we humans are crystals of shared energy and consciousness

However, no matter how many testimonials from others, or scientific proof newly discovered about consciousness and how it communicates, mysteriously, but universally — some people insist that they, their personality, their being-ness are separate. That their life is completely their own. That their decisions only affect themselves, their immediate friends and families, etc.

But guess what? This isn’t true. Everything each of us does, whether we’re conscious of it or not, affects the entire world … and I’d dare say the entire Multiverse. One’s life, one’s actions — one’s thoughts — these may not seem like anything important at the time, but … each of our thoughts and actions, certainly our life, counts very much indeed.

Because, after all, our thoughts are nothing less than seeds of actions that will come-to-be in the future. Every action starts with a thought. There is no action, not even the most spontaneous one, that doesn’t arise from having had a thought, even if that flicker of a thought was mere seconds, or a mili-second before an action is completed.

The black and white drawing, the first image, therefore, depicts how it feels when a person such as (I and many of my seeker/spiritual activist friends) have made a conscious alignment with the spiritual philosophy of a certain teacher. The teacher, literally, figuratively, and spiritually, lives within us. The teachings that have resounded in our hearts and minds, become part of our everyday collection of Truths. We use these Truths to decipher how to live, what to decide, how to act.

This is what I was thinking when I drew the image in my journal. Do you relate to its significance? Can you share with us about your feelings?

love and Light from your pal Lordflea

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