The Union of Intuition

Speaking with my dear pal Marcela yesterday, I was delighted with the simplicity of her definition of yoga.

“Union!” is how she describes the idiosyncratic yoga Marcela practices. Marcela is a self-taught yogini who has a large following in Buenos Aires, Argentina, who learned most of what she knows from years, decades of intuitive practicing of the few basic yogic-guidelines she gathered from studying yogic philosophy in ancient scriptural texts, and the physical asanas from occasional classes, yoga-friends, and much perused picture-books such as Iyengar’s “Light on Yoga.” Marcela, of all the Western yogis/inis I’ve ever met in my nearly fifty-year practice, is a completely intuitive yogi. She calls no one her teacher. Unlike me, who needed a yoga master to break through the crusty gate of my shut-down heart, Marcela found the core of yoga within her own juicy Being, just by following the desire to find it. She found it All … within her own Self!

“It’s Union! Union!” Marcela bursts with a smile that could bridge any continent as we Skyped.

And what does this mean, when Marcela claims yoga is Union?

trusting your Inner Self

trusting your Inner Self

Some of us, like Marcela, apparently are able to connect to that deep inner place we all inherently are born with, but for some of us it remains hidden until found, or perhaps always hidden. This interior wisdom is our Core, in which we perceive the Union between All Things. And by Union, I do mean firstly within a person’s own Being: their body-mind-spirit-emotional selves, all connected, all balanced (well, to the best of our ability at any given moment in our busy modern lives). Secondly, Union also means the connection a balanced person intuitively feels with All: other Beings and the entire environment, including community, then reaching further, seeing and feeling the Union a healthy, whole-soul freely experiences with the flow of life, the cosmic order: becoming, in effect, One with the entire Multiverse.

Oh, did you know scientists now refer to “space” as not the old-name of Universe (meaning, “one”)? Instead they now say “outer space” is the Multiverse, indicating there are/might be interconnected Universes composing it. Hhmmmm, curious thought, eh?

In her exuberance manner, Marcela reminded me that both of us had once been troubled youth: lost, confused, even damaged from years of dangerous addictive pursuits. But when both of us found yoga, and seriously began our yoga practices of asanas (poses), pranayama (breath), meditation and chanting — all the troubles that arise from a person (in this case, us!) feeling “separate from” went out when we worked on our  down-dogs and learned to combine ALL movement, all thought, all action, with the in-and-out of our breath.

This is yoga. Union. Connecting breath to action, action to breath. Feeling the centeredness of our Inner Power with each breath — as we breathe in the very essence of life, air, and breath out whatever is not useful any longer.

When a person begins this shift and harnesses their breath to their daily actions, not just when in a yoga space — all of everyday life is set upon a throne of majestic, yet simple intention. Because breath itself has the clear intent to promote, prolong, and cultivate life. That is the purpose (the dharma) of breath. To give support to Beings who thrive in it. Of course there are creatures who thrive in air-less environments, too; fish, for example, which take in air through gills, and sea flora that oxygenate through other means than animals. Nonetheless, on planet Earth at least, air is the medium of our message, our life-force, our essence. Air is prana, prana is the essense. Prana is also the bridge between our lower self and our higher possibilities.

Breathing is the key to balance. Breathing is the measure by which we can attain Union of body-mind-soul-emotions. Breath is the mantra of creation; breath is the sound of AUM …. (Om) ….

If you wish to attain more balance in your life start by “watching your breath.” It’s that simple. There’s no trick. There’s no need to go rushing to a yoga studio, spend a fortune on yoga dudes, or get an awesome, buff and wise teacher. But of course you can do all those if you wish. But for now, even right here, take a moment out of your busy day and close your eyes, and watch your breath …. watch as it fills you with life, fills you with Light, fills you with all the knowledge you’ll ever need to attain your heart’s desire.

With great love for each and every One: We are ONE!

your pal, LordFlea

ps. I’m on the last editing stage of my soon-to-be-released book: “Family Bliss NOW: a holistic approach to global transformation … one blended family at a time”. Stay tuned for more information!


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    continue love reading and experiencing your messages…hugs and blessings from the San Juan Mtns and moi

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