Keep Goals Open-to-Change … but Have ‘Em

nurture the world

nurture the world

If you have a certain goal (mine is communicating my ideas via art and books), keep that close to your heart. A goal is like a point of light toward which a blindfolded person (each of us) can direct our steps that we choose to take. Don’t limit yourself to any picture you might paint for yourself, about what you think a perfect future holds for you. Along the way of this journey—of getting-whole and getting-healed, nurturing yourSelf, and then someday being able to nurture others as well—you’ll be inspired and influenced by things you might never have thought would interest you back when you started this Self-discovery process.

Here’s another example of why it’s important to keep our options open and have no expectations.

My friends Rhea and Petur have for years been deep-water sailors. Recently they told me of the time they offered berths for rent, to help fray expenses of long-distance cruising in the Caribbean. One man showed up at their seventy-foot sturdy wooden ketch expecting a pleasure cruise, complete with catered five-course meals, deep-sea fishing, and relaxed stops at every port for some wholesome, duty-free shopping. The reality of living aboard a real sailing vessel during a long, arduous, deep-sea voyage was something he hadn’t even researched. His expectations were set inordinately high, in other words. So when the reality of living aboard a working vessel set in, this man was incapable of enjoying the vast and incomparable minutiae of an ocean-cruise, especially with such experienced sailors as my friends as guides. Because he couldn’t let go of his expectations, the man’s trip ended up miserable for him and taxing for the rest of the crew.


  1. Bruce Merwin on October 19, 2012 at 7:52 am

    Thank you for the goal reminder and the perfect reference to a point of light.

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