World’s BEST Smoothie—ever!


fill yourSelf with LOVE

fill yourSelf with LOVE


I have become a smoothie Queen. And this, after much experimenting, is my secret formula. I hope you enjoy it. let me know how you like it! This smoothie will satisfy you for an entire day! Seriously, my consort and I have it in the early morning and don’t even think about food until later in the day. It fuels our surfing, biking, tennis-playing, swimming laps, chasing rainbow workouts.

1) At bottom of your blender put in a raw beet, organic is best (no more than a cup, cut up small if you don’t have the super-blender type as we do, otherwise 1″-2″ chunks).

2) Put in any other HARD fruits (this includes the frozen types of any of the following, which I like to freeze in little packets when I overbuy, or fruit ripens too quickly, handy especially for pineapples due to too-large amount on hand)
— up to a handful each of pineapple, melon, banana, apple, berries of any type of seasonal fruit.

2a) Now add, an absolute MUST–at least a cup of ripe papaya (this makes it smooth…otherwise the drink is always a weird runny texture).

3) Five unprocessed (raw) cocoa seeds (smell the glass jar you’ll store them in. When you open, yummmmm! you’ll swoon if you’re into chocolate.

4) 1/4 cup each of raw flax and (unhulled) sesame seeds (I don’t measure, just pour in).

5) A 1-2″ chunk of raw ginger, unpeeled (about 1/2 cup, it’s anti-inflammatory y’know) cut into chunks for blender-type. When I’ve run out of raw I do use powdered ginger.

6) Large spoonful of nut butter (either almond, sunflower, peanut, cashew).

7) Large spoonful of coconut oil, or meat if you prefer.
(note: with the above oily ingrdients, be sure to place in middle of mixer so it doesn’t touch walls, otherwise messy cleanup)

8) Packet of Met-RX (or your own favorite) whey-based protein powder, vanilla best (but chocolate isn’t too bad). Okay without the protein too, but not as filling.

9) 1/4 teaspoon each of cinnamon and cayenne pepper (less if you don’t like spicy).

10) Fill container with ice cubes to top.

11) Fill with liquid, can be almond milk or water, or combo.

BLEND…be sure to allow small space at top of blender for mixing process, otherwise it’s a messy cleanup

love and good health from Lord Flea

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