The Power of Self Healing

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I want you all to know how essential your CARING for another is, and most importantly, how crucial it is to CARE for yourself, in terms of healing from a disease, condition, or syndrome.

I just read a great article in Harvard (University’s) Magazine about the study of the placebo effect, and how researchers are finding that merely by a patient knowing that someone cares (like the healer, the practitioner) is more effective than what actual medicine he or she receives. (See “The Placebo Pehnomenon” by Cara Feinberg in

They prove the phenomenon of mind over matter by following a large group of people, some of whom are given placebos, some even told that the placebos are just that … “they are not medicine, just plain pills.” Even the group that gets placebos does better than the group that gets nothing, not caring they’re being TOLD, then given “pills that don’t work.” In other words: it’s the MENTAL part of the patient’s psychology that helps the healing. Just by knowing that someone cares (either a caregiver, like YOU, or a medical practitioner, acupuncturist, or some other type of professional healer) is enough to prove to science that a healing takes place without the need for “medicine”. This is the success of the “the placebo effect.”

So believe it, folks! Mind is more important than medicine. But of course, we are lucky in today’s world to have access to both. People can also get REAL medical help (chemo, surgery, etc) besides the caring, loving attention of a friend, a spouse, caregiver, a team of experts–AND, most important–one’s one Self-Belief in Healing!

A lot of healing is from a person’s own MIND believing that we have the power to heal ourself!

love, LordFlea

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