The Magical State of — Being Alive!!

the JOY of spiritualizing mundane life

the JOY of life

The magical, heightened state of being alive was what always fascinated me.

As a kid I aspired to fly like a bird, and why not? I experienced such things in my dreams from earliest memories, so why couldn’t I, I asked myself, do the same being awake? By age thirteen I began to seek the inner state of nirvana when I first heard of it in a book. I’d go to the woods to try to empty my mind, like Hesse’s book “Siddhartha” and Gibran’s “The Prophet” explained, but got nowhere. From then on I turned my back on conventional church going and heaven believing. I wanted my heaven right then and there. Besides, religion was a boor and I wasn’t having the magical experiences I’d had in my youthful mystical experiences, feeling Christ in my bones, wanting to marry him when I was grownup. Thus, in my teens I began my earnest search for altered states on my own.

(this is an excerpt from my upcoming book: “Laughing Heart” … I will be posting more on Lord Flea, enjoy!)

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