Plants of the Gods

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Reverred by ancient Incans, and today the Koqui of Colombia as “Mama Coca”

The above is a portrait I drew back in the 70s of the plant cocaine is derived from: Erythroxylum Coca. The original belongs to Harvard University, where the US-Federal Government-backed research project for which it was drawn was undertaken, to better understand the epidemic of cocaine use in modern society. I am something of an expert about coca as a result of my involvement with this years-long study involving taxonomic research by Timothy Plowman PhD and ethnobotanical field work Tim made with Wade Davis PhD.


Brugmansia … “Angel Trumpets” or “Devil Weed” depending on your p.o.v.

This second illustration is of a bright red species of the tree datura family, the Brugmansia, several species of which I have growing in my own back yard today. The plant is very dangerous for anyone to injest! Do not attempt as I have personally known people who experience such severe emotional violence and amnesia that when this one man came out of his week-long stupur he was greeted with the news that he had murdered three women. He is spending the rest of his days in jail because of his “experiment.” WARNING!! The indigenous of South America only use this plant along with others, as part of a centuries-old formula, so don’t use unless you go down to the Amazon and find a brujo to ask how. Better yet, learn to meditate! Meditation, going within … mindfulness … is the highest high there is. Forget the plants!

Here’s an excerpt from my upcoming book, now in its last stages of editing. I will be posting these random excerpts for you to enjoy as I prepare my book for publication.

“Laughing Heart: how Angel Mom earned her wings” an excerpt:

When I used to get high I wouldn’t let anything hold me earthbound. Whether it was booze, pot, acid or the hallucinogenic jungle plants I drew, I wanted to know and experience as much as I could about their natural, magical states each plant offered.

From my youth I decided to make life a big adventure. If I couldn’t reach the heights of all-seeing peaceful calm in the nirvana-meditative state, I’d do it by taking whatever pill, powder or potion came my way. From teenage years onward I followed whatever adventure presented itself to me in real time. My quest for the heights of life’s experiences took me to faraway places, to sea voyages and land adventures and many intriguing people in both cities and isolated places.

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