Nope, No Time for Disappointments!

084Once upon a time I discovered a magical waterfall in a land far far away from the challenges and annoyances where I lived. I re-visit this place in my mind every time I need to quiet my disturbed thoughts, as well as do other things to not let myself get too crazy. This place, this serene, filled-with-wonders place, I’ve learned to incubate within my own heart. It’s safe, right inside my big throbbing heart cave … protected, and ready to help others when they need it, ready to help me when I’ve gone off track.

Today I’ve visiting my secret waterfall. Why? Because life has been tough these past few months. Many things have happened that were unexpected, out-of-one’s-control, and … disappointing. But, I remember today, even if I’ve forgotten before today and let myself get a wee bit crazy about “other people’s business.” Today I’m searching deep inside my own heart for that ever-present, ever-peaceful spot of mine, always accessible — within my own self. Today I remember that … giving in to emotional downs, whether of my own making or of others’ making, is about ME choosing to do so.

Today I choose bliss. I resume my journey along Rio Blisso, as I like to call “life.”

Today, I am back, sitting quietly at the base of this magical waterfall-place within me. I can smell its fragrant mist, its soothing balm expanding my lungs. I can feel the waters consistent calm. I clearly hear the melodious song of the critters who are hidden, watching me tune into their sacred spot as they chatter among themselves. Truly, once again, I have become the waterfall, I’m not just looking at it, feeling it. It is me. And then — I remember! We are all part of the waterfall, together. You and I, all of us.

If you have a hurting heart today, won’t you come to sit with me beside the waterfall of life, for just a little while. You’ll find it ever so delightful, if you take a moment, and listen to its joyous song along with me. Try to feel the joy. We humans are all part of the blissful waterfall of life. Our journey is one, together. What happens to one of us, happens to all.

Today, I share my joy with you all.

Love and Peace, Om Shanti Shanti Shanti,

Lordflea, aka teZa


  1. Tracy Brown on August 30, 2014 at 10:39 am

    I’m right there beside you, smelling, feeling the mist and hearing the sounds. Ahhhaaa, sweet!
    Thanks and the thick green moss is so soft to sit on! Have a wonder-filled weekend and love to you TeZa!!

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