Finally — A Good Compulsion!

the continuity of ever-lastingness ... "life"

the continuity of ever-lastingness … “life”

Dear Friend,

Again, as so often is the case, I discovered today there’s MORE, still more, that I need to change about myself. Of course I could just say, “To Heck with it!” and keep things the way they are. I’m reasonably happy, at peace, I eat well, my health is great. I have a super wonderful mate who adores me as I adore him (thank you, Goddess!) But for some reason I seem to be compelled to do certain things in life that remain a mystery to me. Nonetheless, I no longer fight these obsessions to share my discoveries with the world. I have a great desire within my soul to publish books, to disseminate my thoughts through story and picture form. In order to do this, I keep finding out, I need to fine-tune how I live: keep my energy, strength and stamina (not to mention spirits) as high as I can. Otherwise … I simply won’t be able to accomplish what needs to get done.

Some people say their life is best with “No goals!” Others say, “Goal-setting is where it’s at!” I used to be in the latter bunch but for quite a while now I’ve been on the “other side.” My years of sailing the Caribbean actually taught me about this. I’ve shared here before how setting a goal in life, for me at least, is analogous to a cruising sailboat needing to plot a carefully laid-out course on a chart before it sets out, figuring in currents, wind and weather, human error, the boat’s limitations, and other variables. Otherwise the boat and all within in, simply flounders. Without a course, a goal in mind, a boat at sea drifts from here to there without ever reaching any destination other than disaster or happenstance. This might be well and good for anyone that doesn’t have a “purpose.” But even a boat out at sea has a purpose: to reach a certain point on the globe within a reasonable amount of time. For a person to achieve their life goal takes all the same things that a boat needs to reach its destination: enough energy and physical strength to fight waves,a crew with endurance-like stamina, good spirits … plus … a captain with enough smarts to have a good grasp of navigation.

Ladies la Mer, mixed media on paper, 13“x10”

My life-goal is pretty clear. Ever since I decided to ask my Higher Power to help me out, I discovered what it is.

When I asked, this is the answer I got (try it yourself, if you haven’t asked your HP already).

teZa’s (Lord Flea’s) Life Purpose is:

  • to use my creativity and sense of humor, In Spirit
  • to uplift others by sharing with them my delight in the magic of life, and therefore
  • contribute to humankind’s achieving the next, spiritualized level of human evolution.

Wow. That was tres cool, to find out. I sort of suspected as much before asking. But to have it “reported to me by HP” — in writing, no less — after specifically asking; well, you can imagine how happy, stunned, and blissed-out I was (this was over a decade ago when I did this Q&A with my HP).

Before learning I could communicate with my HP, I never bothered setting goals. I thought just getting through each day, week, month and year was good enough. Lo and behold, HP and I started communicating. How? Meditation, although sometimes I sit at my keyboard and let HP “speak” through my fingers after getting in a meditative head-space. As soon as I learned to communicate with universal consciousness, aka Higher Power, I learned that I was indeed … (there was no disputing it anymore) … here for a definite reason. As I believe each and every one of us is, too.

Earlier today I had a little chat with HP (whom I addressed in this instance as Divine Mother). Our conversation went something like this:

“So, Mother, it’s time. I’ve completed one segment of the work you’ve set out for me to do. A major project is now complete, my first book ready for publication. It’s being looked at right now by a powerful literary agent, which in itself is a great blessing I must say. I just want to ask if maybe you can send me a little sign. You know, to show me I’m on track, to let me know all is well with the work I’ve done.”

She (Divine Mother) answered: Well, of course all is well. Even if you aren’t, how you say, “on track” — all is well, you silly child!

(We both laughed). Then I tried another approach to my query, determined to get some cosmic sign to appease my nervous apprehension. Questions besieged me, like “Is the book good enough?” “Did I do the subject justice?” “Will the public find the my quirky story palpable, to their liking?” and so forth … all ego-based and unnecessary (to the Divine Mother) questions.

point your boat away from ROCKS!

point your boat away from ROCKS!

LordFlea: Is it too much to ask then, for you to send me a sign?

DM: Maybe. Because if you don’t happen to notice it — the sign sent you, which often happens with you dense humans — you might lose heart and give up on the job I gave you.

LF: Yeah, you’re right. I remember now the story of the person standing on top of their roof as flood waters rose all around, asking God to send a “sign” and when the helicopter arrived that dummy shouted, “Get out of the way! I’m waiting for a sign from God!”

DM: Exactly. If you ask for a sign and don’t recognize it, then there’s the likelihood you’ll give up and that will be no fun for you.

LF: What do you mean, no fun?

DM: The highs and lows of life are really not about “you.” When you understand this life is more engaging, entertaining, and way more fun because you see how living your life is actually serving a purpose. Even if that purpose is to have no purpose. Which, as you you now know, isn’t the case for you. We’ve already talked about that many times before this.

LF: It’s true, I’m come to accept my life’s purpose. It was a shock at first. I didn’t want to do it, to be your voice, to help my fellow beings understand some things I’d been shown. It seemed awfully hard. And when I started, nobody wanted to hear. But times have changed. People now know there’s lots more to life than what appears on the surfaced. And … I guess I’m finally comfortable with my role after all.

DM: You have to remember that artists of all sorts are the shamans of humanity, just as today’s ecologists and environmentalists are the martyrs. These are their roles in today’s society, different from what they were in earlier times.

LF: Yes, I have to remember. It helps tremendously, now that I’m able to hear you when you speak to me.

DM: I’m pleased. Before, you were really off base. Looking in all sorts of weird places for things to do that didn’t have anything to do with what your job really has always been.

LF: Well, I had to get straight with my earlier obsession, about running the show my way, didn’t I?

DM: (she laughs!) You can say that again. You needed to taste disaster before you could recognize the taste of success. We rescued you from the flames, just like the arisen phoenix. And best of all, in the process you have learned to surrender.

LF: The day I finally surrendered to letting HP run my boat was the beginning of the rest of my life. That’s when I decided to serve and be a conduit of Love, instead of taking as much as I could, as fast as I could: the antithesis of Love.

DM: You were one stubborn OCD, stuck on self-destruct, speeding the wrong way for so long.

LF: Maybe I had to die a little to rise up, reborn like the soaring-high phoenix, to find this true connection to life I now cherish.

DM: Ahh, I’m so glad to hear you say these things. Instead of me having to keep telling you. You’re actually getting better, one little ray of light at a time.

holding the Light

holding the Light

Today was a great day. HP and I had a nice little chat. Both of us got to air our feelings. Best of all we agreed that everything is going exactly as it ought to. “There is perfection in imperfection,” DM reminds us. “Humanity grows ever steadily toward its true spiritual evolution.”

So … sign or no sign … I’m still working for HP!

In the LIght, your pal Lord Flea

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