The Healing Power of Love

Choose Happiness and Love over Sadness and Fear

For a moment I couldn’t help but worry about the world situation this morning, after reading the Sunday newspaper with its usual dose of bad news. Especially what’s happening with the mega-numbers of people fleeing from Syria and the reported mega-numbers of militant volunteers flooding in to that escalating situation.

Then—I remembered: “Don’t give up your happiness to others. Just because there are wars going on and terrible atrocities everywhere—I’m the one who gets to choose to be at peace inside, by residing in my loving heart.”

I heard this from my inside voice that helps me reflect upon important lessons I’ve learned from my many teachers. Of course I have a choice, as we all do: either to buy into the negatives and get sad, mad, annoyed, aggrieved, or anxious and lose sleep about any bad thing happening around me—or—-I can choose to pay attention to the Love that radiates from my heart, send it to all around me and therefor help with healing all, balancing all negatives with the abundance of positives arising from within my own being. If more of us remembered to do this—our world will heal, one person at a time, believe me!

So many times I’ve had to remember this. Many times each day, in fact, I get to choose to not give in to negative feelings. I do believe that happiness is a choice that each of us makes, or doesn’t, all by ourselves. And our personal choice hasn’t anything to do with tragedies or wonderful events going on outside of us. Our happiness-level always has to do with how well we remember that we control how we feel. Not someone else, Not the crumbling world situation or the empty bank account or the screaming bad news or person shouting in our face.

I had to walk away from such a screamer recently. I decided not to let this person affect my good feeling about the very real, very dangerous situation that is happening in certain parts of the world. This person who was doing the screaming was, self-admittedly, a news junkie. Someone who just has to know every single thing going on around the world, and then lets that bad news sink deep, robbing their happiness. “How can I not feel horrible, with all THIS happening,” the person claims. I quietly advised her not to watch so much television newscasts.

I don’t have my head in the sand, I do read newspapers, but I don’t watch TV news. Because I sincerely believe that newscasters, and even unscrupulous newspapers, make too much of scary, fear-filled events and not enough of the many, equally dispersed, positive events that occur throughout the world. I don’t think people would watch if the nightly news was about all good stuff, or equally, the good and and bad news. Bad news gets people’s blood boiling, and let’s face it, news junkies are people who really are not interested in hearing about things that will calm them down. News junkies want to argue with the pundits, yelling right at the screen.

I’m here to remind people that we can help our world become a better, safer place to live in by realizing that Love is just as strong a force in our world as Fear.

Spread the Word: LOVE

Spread the Word: LOVE

News junkies get off on arguing and want to think that the world is more a place of horror than an opportunity to become God-realized.

I truly believe that life is difficult for just this purpose: to give us the opportunity to rise above Fear and live in Love, and become Self-realized, God-realized: Happy even when bad things happen all around us.

This, my friend, is where I have trained myself (many years’ of training) to keep my thoughts focused. Right inside my own strongly-beating, strongly-feeling, Love-is-the-answer, Heart. Sure, I read about the horrors, and it makes me sad. But I send prayerful energy toward these situations, and believe, truly, that the invisible power of Love will help heal our world, make us whole, maybe one day soon even, make us so whole-and-healed that we become holy instead of fear-filled.

I invite you to join me. Stay focused in the Light. Don’t give in to the fear of the Dark. Believe in the healing power of Love.

In the Light, your pal Lord Flea, aka teZa Lord

ps. my book, as some of you know ask about, is getting closer to finding its champion in the guise of a very interested literary agent. The final polish is being done to my book right now. I”ll keep you posted about its publication progress.


  1. Rene' Carden on September 30, 2015 at 7:41 pm

    Be still and peace will come….I get it about your news junkie friend. I get caught up in that crapola sometimes….That’s when I need to return to the quiet of Momma earth.

    • lordflea on January 6, 2016 at 8:17 pm

      the return of the momma ninja, our next movie together! love ya!

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