Opening the Door … to a Lighter Heart

I’m baaa-ack!

Yes, after a months’ long hiatus (regular readers know why, and new readers can scroll to last few posts) I’m back and with a new, better, all-purpose vengeance.

More fun! More laughter! More trust in the magic!

Just to prove my sincerity about lightening up, here’s one of my own interpretations of that:

008Okay, so that’s not exactly a self-portrait —

but it certainly could be! I see myself in that adorable face, even though it’s made from an old cow bone, this face with its shell-y eyes and hair still shines with beauty, intrigue, a tad of mystery. And lots of class, if you ask me.

It just goes to show you that everything can be interpreted either from one’s serious, heavier, decidedly darker side — or — depending on how we look at things, we can see the same exact thing as absolutely wonderful. Proving: there is good in everything. Even what others call “bad” or shit or awful, and even, gulp, evil.

Like, where would we be without all the nasty violent storms sent by Nature? And just think, where would we be if the meteor event hadn’t wiped out human-devouring (potentially) dinosaurs? Our world would have evolved completely differently. Random happenings decide how things go, for centuries, eons, a whoppin’ long time in the future. That’s why I firmly believe that nothing is an accident. Yet everything depends on how we look at things. Whether we judge, and used such words a “good” or “bad.”

land and sea, air and you and me--we are ONE

land and sea, air and you and me–we are ONE

This drawing (from an old notebook of mine) is an example. I drew it horizontally, but now that I’ve placed it here in this post (quite “accidentally” without knowing what image I clicked on) in the vertical format, it actually makes much more sense to me. Really. As a composition, and as an idea. Horizontally, the female figure looks “asleep.” Here, vertially, she looks like she’s “praying.” Completely different, right? Who can tell which way something is supposed “to go” anyway? Like we have any control over anything other than ourselves. Which, by the way, in case you haven’t figured it out yet — we don’t have control over anything or anyone else than our own lives.

So please keep coming back and checking in now and then and let me know if you notice the changes I’ve set up for myself to embark upon. After going through quite a traumatic time in my life (past posts, remember) I have taken stock of myself and this is what I’ve decided:

  • Life is too short to fret the awfuls
  • As long as I keep trying, I want to have fun, in everything I do
  • Even facing awful times and worrisome challenges, a light heart is the answer
  • My humor button got turned off, not accidentally but quite on purpose
  • Serious topics are best disseminated from a light-hearted messenger

I’ve made a (non-serious, totally laughingly) vow to myself to Lighten UP!

Here’s one way I can do it:

IMG_5994-1after nearly getting myself killed by this huge Bookmobile (a year ago) I am now laughing in the face of death, fastening my funny-bone into its metaphorical seatbelt, and am now ready to do some hardcore ironic parodies, instead of the too-serious tendency I was before. At times. Other times, I could laugh at myself. But I’m getting better now, honest.

How can I achieve this?

Well, I do believe I can best change by approaching humor just like some do learning how to cook awesomely, or make a quilt, or rebuild an engine. By deciding what I want to next and doing something about becoming better at it. Bit by bit. Light ray by ray. Like the sax I have hanging around waiting for me to blow in a little more than I have been. This last year I’ve been too busy developing my embouchare (the rarely-used muscles around the mouth) and not enough holding my nose, and Jump IN! and, just Blow! for pete’s sake, just do it!

Too much worrying, preparing, over-analyzing doesn’t lend itself to being light-hearted. Not that I was ever worried about being a halfway decent sax player, or not, other things have popped up to bother me. Like whether my agent is going to sell the book I’ve been working on for a zillion years, or our family court case wins in August, or what knucklehead wins this carnival of an election. No more worries. I’m with you! Let’s lighten up, together!

Now that I”m back to posting here  I’m also about to plunge in and become a super-whiz on social media, just in case the agent runs into a snag with my weird and wonderful book she’s shopping around. I desperately want the world to read my ideas. Oops, there I go again! Lighten-up, will ya, teZa!

Lots of love from your renewed lightly, Lordflea


  1. Mary Kay on June 10, 2016 at 1:53 pm

    Wow….. thanks so much…. I’m back in Alaska and am gardening again… dirt therapy is great. my son and get along well and still need each other in a sense even tho’ he’s 27 and very disciplined. I’ve been waiting for a post you are always so “on spot”…. again thank you and God Bless

    • lordflea on July 14, 2016 at 7:57 pm

      Thanks MK, Really appreciate your words. OmLove, teZa

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