Will Wonders Never Cease!

Hi everybody!

You probably have guessed it–I’m into video blogging, too! I’m trying to get these short clips up on a YouTube channel of my own, but … I can’t figure how to make it my own name. So it’s easier for me to spread the vlog here, and i hope you enjoy. BUt guess what?we-are-one-jpegThings have changed and the platform I have used all these years for Lord Flea, no longer lets me upload videos. Boo hoo (can you hear me weeping?) So … if you want to see my vlogs please go to youtube and type in teza lord … and you’ll see my vlogs. I’m trying to find out how to make it easier and easier … to find me, to find peace within your own self, for ALL of us to connect on a deeper level than just … what others expect of us.

I’ve not got time to go into details now, but I’ve been writing my next book. A story about when I taught yoga and meditation to teenage girls in juvie lockup, and how they learned to go through life’s tough lessons because of what we share. The title (don’t want to share yet, a little too soon to go public) relates to when their facility (called ‘The Academy’ but it was anything but) was struck DEAD ON by Hurricane Charley. The year was ’04 and in Central Florida we had not one, not two … not three but FOUR major hurricanes that year. So … it’s quite a story.

I’ll share more real soon. Right now I have to go to my Santosha (contentment) Shack to prepare for a yoga session I’m doing this afternoon with a girlfriend. Ahhhh–life! it’s what we make it, friends.

Please check out my new site!

tezalord.me … has connections to buying the above book, my new art book WE ARE ONE — plus links to my YouTube channel, the art gallery, my thoughts, even the eco-fable film Lithium Springs … which some of you may know about. It’s a hoot!

lots of love, teZa aka LordFlea


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