Newly Kinda-Techie-me!

Today I learned how to add a redirect-button to my blog so you, my dear reader, can easily find my new artbook We Are ONE on Amazon, with just one click. I’m rather proud of this techie feat. Although I readily admit I had to ask a chat-helper stationed at a desk somewhere, just how to do it. In case you’re wondering, LIVE support is part of the great services offered by WordPress, the program that makes Lord Flea Sings and tens of thousands of other blogs possible. For nine years now I’ve been using WP for free, and only a few months ago upgraded to a more sophisticated version in order to show videos.

Periodically I’ll be including my artbook’s cover image with an “Amazon button”along  with other posts because, as great as this convenient new button may be — the one I spent all day learning to put up on my sidebar (to the left of your computer screen) — unfortunately it does NOT appear on the mobile version of my blog. This means people who use only their smart phones to read LordFlea don’t see the same extras I have put up on my sidebar as people do who use laptops and desk computers. Let me know about you iPad users, I’m not sure about how you see my blog, as I don’t use one.

Keep it Simple Sweetheart is my favorite motto next to … See Consciousness in All.

Here’s some info about my recently published artbook that contains meditative images and spiritual thoughts about … the Oneness that We Are (just another way of saying how We Are One: via Consciousness … Presence … Unseen Energy … Awareness … the Divine … even the many-language version of the “Good-Orderly-Direction” word that means something different for every person who utters it).

We Are ONE is a hard cover, finely bound 83-page exploration of the inter-connectedness of All in existence, through Spirit, or sacred consciousness. It’s reasonably priced for maximum availability at $35USD. Check out the many awe inspiring 5-star reviews on Amazon, they literally blow me away! Such deep insightful comments We Are One‘s fans have put up online, I am humbled. Reading the comments leads me to a deep place of stillness within. How could I make such art, write such words? This blows me away, too.

That’s why my consort Carter and I are offering this book to the world as a gift. In other words, there’s no profit margin, folks. BTW if you’re outside USA and wish to purchase the book please write me —, that’s dearlordflea-at-gmail-dot-com — because Amazon doesn’t ship outside America but I can. You can use the universally-accepted Paypal button for payment (including shipping) on my personal site:

And remember — I love you! May this wondrous year of 2017 be blessed, bringing health and healing, peace and happiness to All in the world. I’m sending out special blessings to our newly elected president Mr. Trump. May he be open-hearted and open-minded in the coming years of his Republican Administration.

Our Big Hearts combined can make all this, and more (add a wish!) entirely so.

Lord Flea aka teZa


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