The Sacred as Ordinary

Beeman Pollination Blues, all species, all love--we are ONE

A flower, is it really a flower? And a bee, what is it, really?

I know people analyze and ponder, and some argue and others pay lots of money to figure out how to be a happier, healthier human being. But for me, right here at this moment–I can honestly answer the question of “Why do you do what you do?” with no holding back. I proudly do what I do, and do so as publicly as I can in this digital age of blogs, tweets, etc.

I do what my soul tells me to do. By “soul” I really mean that instinctual feeling, that connection I sense inside myself, to do what is “right” for me to do, as opposed to what is “wrong” for me to do. Of course it’s taken lots of work for me to stop listening to what my “head” tells me, that ego-driven intellect that always used to get me in trouble, back when I let it stronghold my heart, the door to my soul’s whisperings. But I’ve done the work. My heart is free. I am, once again, as childlike as I can be … without being downright silly.

At other times in my life I’ve been known to do things for other reasons. Before I got a handle on my negative addictions, I mean. Before, I used to do things for the sheer thrill of them! I was addicted to thrills, and that led me to dangerous waters. Yes, I’ve also been motivated by wanting to make great art, help others, make money, earn prestige, and follow my passions. The passion for knowing about myself led me early in life to become a meditator.

Stillness, the inner drama

Stillness, the inner drama

And now, decades of meditation later, thinking has been kindly eliminated except when needed, thank you very much. I bask in the Stillness of pure consciousness a bit easier these days (practice makes perfect, or at least, non-thought, non-duality, no-BS lots easier). I believe that meditation has, in effect, helped me understand best of all why I do what I do.

Because when I’m in the state of meditation, even for a few breaths’ worth—I feel connected to my soul. It’s then that I’m really experiencing the essence of life, in my own truth. Not anybody else’s. I’m not doing something because I have to do it, or because I dread what others expect of me. There is nothing to prove, when I eliminate outside influences, which meditation is. People meditate (even for a few breaths) because—it feels so darn good.

I suppose that’s why people do whatever they do. It just feels right to them. And for this reason—and here’s the point of this—I can never judge someone who does something other than what I do, as being either right or wrong, bad or good, nasty or sublime. What another person does, is just what they do. The only exception to this is child-raising.

Because essentially we all do what we believe to be what feels right.Those of us lucky enough to live in a free democracy, that is.  Usually we do things because it feels good to us, when we’re in this “groove” of following our bliss. Of course there are the exceptions, the masochists, but … we’re not talking about those not interested in bettering themselves, are we? This is a spiritual blog, right!

That’s why I honor all people, even those whose opinions and methods are way out of line with mine—to be manifestations of the Divine. Just as much as I feel I am, and you are, too. So, when I get judged (which everyone is, sooner or later) as “wrong” or “ineffective” or “not worthy” of something—I am presented with an opportunity to practice what I’m speaking about today .

Acceptance of others as equally a mirror of the Sacred-as-Ordinary.

a temple of nature---everywhere!

the Ordinary-as-Sacred—LordFlea sings!

I have learned that to forgive others is to accept them. And when I forgive others for hurtful things, I expand my ability to be more human. I become more centered in my heart. Why? Because it’s not obstructed by the negative energy of having to always be “right.”

I’m writing about this today because recently I was told by someone whom I thought was my friend, “Your writing doesn’t do beans,” concerning what’s happening in the political arena today. “Go call your Congressman/woman!” this person said, and … turned harshly away from me. This person is toxic to someone who calls themself a spiritual activist. This person belongs to the religion of politics, not universal consciousness. And so, they are; but no longer in my intimate circle, which is a loving and supportive tribe, accepting of each others’ differences.

I feel very strongly that we all do what we must do. And for me, I am compelled to share concepts via words and images. Not because I think I’m great. Certainly not because I want fame or fortune. Simply because—I must.

Plant/Animal/Spirit---I Am

Plant/Animal/Spirit—I Am


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