Expect the Unexpected

Hello dear One,

Yesterday I was reading a marvelous book that was on the bestseller lists some years ago. Written by a person I’ve known about for years, who is somewhat of a spiritual giant, a true legend, mentor and teacher around these parts of Northeast Florida. The book is “the Untethered Soul” and the author is Mickey Singer. He’s been holding spiritual gatherings since the 70s in Gainesville Florida at the Temple of the Universe. I’ll provide a link to the book after I tell you a little about what I admire most about this book.


For those of us interested in stilling our mind (meditation) we are familiar with the term “The Witness.” This word is how we in the West most commonly interpret the Sanskrit word Atman that means, “the part of our humanness that is connected to universal consciousness.” Universal consciousness, in Sanskrit, is called Brahman. These terms I’m relating have been written about since the earliest East Indian scriptures, in which they were first described, the Vedas and Upanishads that date back to around 4,000 BC.

I first heard about the Witness (some say it was Carl Jung who gave this Western term to the Eastern concept of everything being connected by consciousness) when I began my own inward journey. After experiencing severe emotional trauma that culminated around age twenty, I was invited to learn how to meditate — just before I was due to be cut open for a scheduled “exploratory surgery”, ordered because nobody could find what was wrong with me. Back in the late 60s people were just beginning to put it together that our minds had great influence over our bodies.

The instant I learned to tune into the Witness (another way of describing the stilling of our mind’s thoughts, i.e., meditation) — the chronic pain that surrounded my life-center, my belly button (the solar plexus) completely disappeared. And never reappeared ever again! I had been in crippling pain for months, after experiencing trauma brought about by a critical, absurdly dysfunctional family situation.

So believe me when I tell you, truthfully, that learning to meditate saved my life.

Along with also learning to do hatha yoga poses at an even earlier age, which saved me from the severe nerve-pain of childhood scoliosis. Since the 60s, then, I have been a student of higher consciousness, however and wherever I can find it. Because — it brought happiness and health to my previously stressed-out life.

My consort Carter (who dabbles in meditation) claimed after reading Mickey Singer’s book … “I’ve never understood this Witness stuff. But his book the Untethered Soul really gave me a true understanding, finally.” Naturally, I had to read this book myself after my darling man’s proclamation, from a committed Christian who also believes in many of the concepts that we who call ourselves spiritual more than religious hold sacred.

If you have never understood the nature of our true Being-ness, I highly recommend you read and understand, “the Untethered Soul.” Here’s the Amazon link for Singer’s book.

unveil your true Self!

unveil your true Self, the Untethered Soul, the Witness within …

Usually I’m recollecting my own spiritual experiences here at LordFlea Sings. But today I’m seriously saying, “If you have never understood your true nature, please read this book.” This is a first for LordFlea, recommending another’s spiritual writing.

One other unexpected thing. The other day I was given insight about a book I wrote that’s been represented by a highly respected literary agent for the past year. I’d been wondering why it hadn’t sold to a publisher. Why was a perfectly wonderful (said the agent) book not selling. Why? Then … I received an email from my dear friend Maria in Amsterdam, who had just read a .pdf of my book. She is a person of great heart. She also understands, intimately, my family’s particular dynamic.

After reading the book she bravely brought to my attention that what this true story relates (in the novel-esque fashion of a nonfiction narrative) might cause irreparable damage to an emotionally vulnerable member of my immediate family. At first I resisted when Maria suggested — “Don’t publish it, please.” How absurd!, I said to myself after reading her letter, using the f-word to express myself succinctly. I defended myself, thinking “I’m an artist and writer, it’s my duty to speak and relate the truth.” As hours wore on, my mind kept up the argument. “I totally discount my friend’s assessment. My hard-won agent says it’s great. Who’s Maria to say these things? She’s just … a person of great heart. She’s neither artist nor writer.” By the time I went to bed I had weighed all things and knew beyond a doubt that Maria was just wrong. Well meaning, but waaaaay off.

I awoke the next morning knowing — it was my own mind that was dead wrong.

After sleeping on it, lo and behold, the Witness bubbled up its own strong message, which felt like a billboard hitting me full frontal in the third eye. “She’s right, dammit!” the Witness clearly shouted as I awoke. “From any other person I’d never believe it. But Maria — she’s the real deal. She’s a true heart-person if ever there was one.”

Upon awakening I knew instantly that the Witness-within was telling me, ordering me, to believe — and do — something my own conscious mind was incapable of. That I had to shelve this major project on which I’d spent blood, sweat, and too many tears recounting. We’re talking years’ worth of anguish and hard work.

The Witness added: “Maria courageously spoke to you about what needs to be said. At this time, right now, this spiritual memoir’s publication will cause irreparable damage to this one specific family member … who still needs more time to heal.”

Never in a zillion years did I expect this message from the Witness, confirming Maria’s bravely sharing with me, when it came welling up from my own inner Self. Whatever happened in my dream-state … was beyond my understanding. When I went to bed the night before, I was sure Maria was overreacting. My agent had assured me “This book is great. The world needs to read it!” My well-attuned (I thought) spiritual mind had made the same assessment, too. Friends who had read it all had told me the world needed to hear this story because it relates to our current blended, often conflicting family of humankind today. Seriously, I felt obliged to make it public even if I had to self-publish … before getting Maria’s email the other day.

But when the Witness speaks (yes, we all get strong messages from our unconscious, you all know this) best we follow the signs, the instinctual up-welling of direction that comes from our stilled mind … or a dream, or … a friend’s honest sharing. Messages of all sorts come from — the Great Heart, the Big Heart, that which is also called — the Witness.

So for now, I am lovingly putting aside my years-long project. Just For Now. Instead, I am concentrating on my next project, which I’m equally excited about. More about that later. It’s already completely written. Now I’m fine-tuning the manuscript before presenting it to the world.

I Stand Naked Before You ... with My Book!

I Stand Naked Before You … with My Book!

Expect the unexpected, my friend. And pay attention to the messages you get from your own inner Self, your heart-connection to this amazing journey we’re all on — life!

Here’s the link to my own ART BOOK “We Are ONE” … for a visionary rendition of Witness consciousness.

Until next time, much love to ALL,

LordFlea aka teZa Lord

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