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baby steps add up to … a Giant LEAP!

I’ve just completed an exhausting book campaign for my latest publication, “In the I: Easing Through Life-Storms.” The only way I could have achieved the great success this nonfiction narrative garnered  (a Kindle BESTSELLER the very first day, wow!) was by focusing on my goal of sharing my message of LOVE with the world. And then taking tiny baby steps toward that goal, everyday. Not getting overwhelmed. Never letting setbacks get me down. And certainly, never ever giving up!

All three of these things once stopped me dead in my tracks from achieving my goal in the past. Now I’ve learned. These are what it takes to achieve a sense of satisfaction:

  • focus ONLY on the goal (setbacks come with the territory of being alive)
  • never allow the feeling of being overwhelmed, no matter what
  • take baby steps everyday; feel each breath is yet another true success!
"It is not your time, go back," the Voice said.

never ever feel overwhelmed!

Sure, there were lots of hurdles to jump over, challenges to meet, difficulties to overcome, to write, publish, distribute this book. But here’s the thing: if we focus on our positive goal, we achieve it, little by little.

Here’s its cover, and click here to “IN THE I” link on Amazon for those interested.

PURPLY front cover in the I

We can apply these 3-ways to succeed to anything in life. It just so happens I’m talking here about publishing, marketing, and spreading the word about a true-life inspiring literary book. But we could just as easily be talking about how to turn the tide with social injustices, or how to change our world to a much better, safe place. The same principles to successfully reaching a goal apply. Remember these 3 things, and you will succeed in making any change you wish.

Take heart! You can, if you want to achieve something, even the most seemingly difficult! Whether it’s a personal goal like losing ten pounds, or finding a new job, or looking for a satisfying love-partner. Or changing the political climate of your country’s government, every choice you make adds up.

If you are displeased about anything, take a moment right now and … sit down and write yourself a goal how to change those feelings into something better. Create a positive goal. As you write your feelings, don’t use any negative words. Try to keep your goal as lofty, as high-minded, as filled with love and inspiration as you can. Why not? This is YOUR life! Make it as extraordinary as you can.

And then, once you’ve written down your goal and have gotten absolutely clear about what it is you want to achieve … just know in your heart and soul that everything you do from now on, every little decision, every tiny step you take, will head you in the right direction, toward succeeding with that specific goal you’ve set for yourself.

Now — your only job is to let go of any expectations. Do not focus on “what ifs” or “why nots.” Let go of thinking you have any answer at all. Your part was the making of the positive goal. The rest, the baby steps, the whispers, the heading-you-on direction is all NOW up to the Universal Consciousness that we all partake of. Every single one of us. This energy, this consciousness, directs the “show” we’re all participating in — life on planet Earth.

I’m sending each and every one of you many blessings for a gracious and love-filled season of Light.

Each of is a (metaphorical) Guardian Angel of Earthly Life

Help spread the LIGHT!!

My goal right now is to get back to my writing. After recent months of nothing but focusing on learning the publishing and marketing end of books, I’m ready to get back to the final-edit part of my already-written, next book. You’ll be hearing more about it in my next post.

My birthday is right now! In a few days. I celebrate being alive as much as anyone ever could. Truly, life is a gift. My gift is my love for each and every one of you. The more I love YOU, the more I love my life. Indeed, life is a blessed gift.

Sending blessings to us all! in the Light of Love, teZa aka LordFlea

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