A touch … so precious

PKZlord2Dear Friend,

What are YOU choosing to spend your time on these challenging days?

During these pandemic times we’re in, many of us are reaching out for a human touch due to the restrictions in place, both socially and psychologically. In America we’re a Democratic nation, we have the choice of what we do with our time. In other places, I’m afraid that’s not the case. I prefer to remain focused on positives, as I’m sure anyone who’s found their way here is, also.

Instead of watching the next, and the next, and the next video sent by friends (meant to be kind, I’m honoring that) … I choose to not watch, or at least after the first few seconds of inanity, I’ll click off. There’s been a few that have snuck by my inner-censor I’ll grant that, but not many. I’m a big fan of chuckling nonstop … if I can. But I find most of the silly videos, night hosts doing their best from their living room couches, entertainers sharing from basement studios, all so much “mindless filler.”

What I’d like to share with you today is another way we can spend our time during this enforced period of isolation. How about developing a relationship with that most elusive of all things … your inner life? How about, why not? taking advantage of these quiet days, minutes, hours, and listen to the very thing that hangs in the precious balance right now, throughout our interconnected human web of life?


I’m talking about our spiritual side, our inner self, our so-called Bigger Self. The part of each of us that seldom gets as much attention as it wants, or needs. And now’s a perfect time to go within, shut off the outside interferences, click off the screens, and … listen.

Listen to what? Listen to the silence, the stillness that’s within us all. The perfect place to spend any moment that’s available, in my humble estimation. And for those of you who might need help with this, I have a suggestion.

There are many teachers available. My favorite modern one is Eckhart Tolle. He has books galore. Start with “The Power of Now” and then … page by page, paragraph by word after thought (you’ll have to go slowly with this stuff!) … jump right into “The New Earth.”

Eckhart has many videos on YouTube. And if you really like his style (he’s weird, let me tell you! But he’s DEEP and best of all, he is the real deal, trust me on this!) you can subscribe to his private teaching channel. You’ll find the link to it somewhere, once you start following the many bread crumbs he offers.

The reason I love Eckhart’s teachings is because they align perfectly with my own! I’ve had similar brushes with deep dark places, as Eckhart’s path has, and as many others are experiencing these days … during the worldwide threat we’re facing.


If any of you want to see what I’m doing, I’ve begun to offer “non-talking head” videos on Instagram’s IGTV. I call my stuff “Ageless Yoga.” And of course, my consort Carter and I have been podcasting on ZLORD for quite a few months now, if you want to hear us yap on current subjects as they arise. What started as an exploration of an extended car-and-tent camping trip, an outer journey we were on for six months, has now evolved into sharing the inner journey we love so much with anyone who’s interested. People seem to like our conversations, we’re told They’re quite nutty at times, as Carter and I are, well, a typical married couple. But instead of discussing family, or politics, or sports, we discuss how best to stay in the NOW, the “thing” that captures our interest the most these days.

Let me know how you all are! I love hearing from you!

With a bright smile and waves of comforting Love,

I am LordFlea, aka teZa


  1. Natasha Calvin on April 21, 2020 at 5:03 am

    My name is Calvin, and I made a poster for EARTH day 2020 using one of the Illustrations found on your blog of Gaia and her kids, I hope that’s fine? Do let me know.
    Thank You.

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